Gov. Bello’s Enabling Environment, Helping Engr. Ohere Drive Kogi’s Infrastructure Revolution. – Abu Micheal

Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello

Gov. Bello’s Enabling Environment, Helping Engr. Ohere Drive Kogi’s Infrastructure Revolution. – Abu Micheal


A drive around the capital city of Lokoja, is a marvel, as one begins to wonder why the heavy construction is still going even during the yuletide when in the States of the Federation, Government and Construction Companies have gone on a long break.

Without mincing words, Gov. Yahaya Bello seems to have increased the steam, firing from all sides of the cylinder, as virtually all township roads in the State capital has come under the heavyweight and presence of machines and bulldozers of construction companies.

The resumption of work on the construction and rehabilitation of Lokoja township roads is certainly a fulfillment of Gov. Yahaya Bello as he has repeatedly promised to make his second term in office better than the first.

With so many achievements and impacts made thus far on the infrastructure development of Lokoja metropolis, with the same being equally replicated in the other local government areas of the State, makes people wonder, but with praises that Gov. Bello is no doubt working for posterity.

Amidst paucity of funds, a heavy wage bill of workers, with salaries paid till date to contend with, one man who seems to have the magic wand, actualizing the Governor‘s transformation blueprint in Infrastructure, making things happen in whatever Sector he finds himself is Engr Abubakar Ohere, Kogi State Commissioner for Works and Housing.

On assumption of office, Gov. Bello described the Commissioner as a man who can fit into any Ministry and place he finds himself. Then the governor was commending him for the outstanding performances made in the reconstruction of the SUBEB bridge that caved in. The Commissioner on the assumption of office it would be recalled, mobilized resources, fixed the bridge, an action that attracted the admiration of Gov. Bello. That is history now, as Engr. Abubakar Ohere has proven the Governor‘s statement, that with the right environment made possible by the Governor, the SUBEB bridge accolades were a child’s play as he has no doubt taking the lead in ensuring the infrastructure revolution in the State, as directed by Gov. Bello.

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For Engr. Ohere, every day is work, no weekend, no public holidays. The Kogi State Commissioner for Works and Housing, Engr. Ohere during one of his routine visits to sites, an action that has ensured quality and value for money, disclosed that the work ongoing on road infrastructure in Lokoja and other ongoing infrastructure development in the State Capital is a battle that has been won by Gov. Bello and a promised fulfilled.

Road construction work is ongoing from the Maigari Palace through the traditional areas of Lokoja. The major roads passing the state capital are receiving attention. The massive Ganaja Flyover Bridge is a beauty to behold. The Governor‘s intervention in Ganaja Junction to Ganaja Village road a Federal road needs commendation and would remain indelible in the hearts of the people.

For those who may not know, the construction company working on the abandoned embarkment in Kabba, CEEZALI Construction Company has moved its equipment to begin work on the abandoned Wada bye pass, a project which when completed, would ease traffic from the township to burst out in the Secretariat Junction. Importantly, the Governor has directed for a review of the road construction plan to enable it to stand the test of time as against the earlier plan.

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This whole development is coming at a time many are wondering the magic wand employed to achieve the feat, even as Engr Ohere in an interview had described Gov. Yahaya Bello as a leader with rare credentials of a true Leader, committed to the welfare of his people.

The Commissioner disclosed that the road construction which runs from the Maigari Palace to the adjoining link roads also involved the roads from Government House to Zenith Bank Junction, expressed happiness with the pace and quality of work on all the ongoing road construction, said aside from the beautification work on the road median, the street light project, the Government has begun the expansion of the drainage from NTA Roundabout through to Government House.

Gov. Bello has with all intent and purposes kept with his promises to do more and has no doubt ensured that he speedy up work on the Lokoja township roads having been satisfied with the progress of work on the Ganaja Flyover, directed the resumption of work on the Lokoja township roads, a feat made possible by Engr Ohere positive disposition to always ensuring the GYB standard in project execution.

The ongoing development on Infrastructure in Lokoja by Gov. Bello has with all intent and purposes proven to be multidimensional, with the efforts of Gov Bello not only aimed at infrastructure, but it also encompasses ongoing embarkment along the bank of the River Niger in Kabawa, aimed at controlling the incessant flooding that is annually affecting the capital city in the past. Erosion control. Improving aesthetic beauty of the capital and making the State capital city meet its status as a Confluence of possibilities.

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Aside from the work Ongoing at the GYB Model Science Secondary School, Adankolo, and in the other Senatorial Districts, the Lokoja Civic Centre, the ongoing street lighting in Lokoja, the beautification work on the street median is equally in progress, makes Engr. There to add that Gov. Bello is a man who is writing his name on the sands of time for the coming generation, described him as a rare Leader with a Midas touch, described Gov. Bello as a Presidential material that cannot be traded for Mundane sentiments.

Today the hallmarks of Gov Bello in checking medical tourism can be seen in the several health institutions undergoing a facelift. From Gegu Beki to Isanlu, Okene, Ankpa, Idah, Ajaokuta, the Lokoja Specialist Hospital is a flagship and signature of quality service delivery the Governor envisages. For Engr. There, eyes can see and even the blind can testify that Gov. Bello means business.

All over the country, one outstanding performance of Gov. Bello in security stands him tall as the safest state in the country. This is considering the huge financial outlay it involves to protect lives and properties. When added with the ongoing infrastructure development, the unification of the people of the state in a multi plural State, makes many including Engr There to Gov. Bello qualifies as the best fit for the country’s President in 2023.

For now, Kogi State is a work in progress, a huge construction site, with Engr. There is a man who is in the driver’s assuring that Gov. Bello is writing a positive history that would stand the test of time.

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