Palace Renovation: Monarch Commends Hon. James Avabee( Spreading ) for fulfilling promises, Describe him as ardent Follower of GYB/ CEDO


Hon. Matthew James Avabee popularly known as Mr. Spreading and his Wife Matthew Tessy Toured Kogi Central on New Year’s Day.
They, alongside other members of the CEDO 4 GYB2PYB Movement which had in attendance Hon. An A. Okene (SA to Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly), Hon. David Oricha (President, Okehi Reawakening Leadership Forum), Engr. Israel Adeiza, Mr. Raphael Momoh, and other members of the CEDO for GYB2PYB Movement made adequate use of the festive season to preach the Good News of Governor Yahaya Bello’s Presidential ambition, they were First hosted to a Thanksgiving and advocacy visit to ECWA Church Kuroko which
happens to be about the oldest Church in Kuroko town. Hon. Matthew James Avabee highlighted several projects carried out by the New Direction government to the benefit of the Christian community all over the State. The Team among other things granted scholarships to 3 Orphans in the church while thanking the Church for their contribution to the growth of Education in the community and promised to always contribute to the growth of the Church for the betterment of the community and the State at large. The Senior Pastor of the Church, Rev. Shayo Fache then thanked God for his protection over the lives of Governor Yahaya Bello, Chief Dr. Edward David Onoja, and the New Direction Team. He prayed for more enviable achievements from the New Direction Team and the Success of the GYB2PYB movement.

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The Team then proceeded to a New Year feast in the Okehi community organized by CEDO 4 GYB2PYB. The leader of the team, Hon. Mathew James Avabee popularly known as Mr. Spreading assured supporters that the only Kogi Agenda for 2023 is GYB2PYB Project and all must join hands to make it a reality and their efforts will not be in vain, he also emphasized the possibility of Governor Yahaya Bello raking in more developmental projects as President Yahaya Bello.
The community through the host, Hon. Ahmed Onsachi popularly known as Adai Diet expressed gratitude to the New Direction Team for the various completed and ongoing projects within and outside the community. They were particularly grateful for the long completed massive road project linking the community and local government area to other parts of Town and local government areas and they prayed for the success of the CEDO 4 GYB2PYB movement for the greater good of Kogites. They also expressed gratitude to the Deputy Governor, Chief Dr. Edward David Onoja for his good works and loyalty to his Boss and Siamese Twin to the extent of putting up the CEDO 4 GYB2PYB Team, Hon Onsachi was particularly appreciative to Dr. CEDO for bringing their very own son Hon. Matthew James Avabee closer to the Government of the State. They prayed for a perfect fulfillment of all his heart desires.


Then the Team paid a visit to the Palace of Onomu of Ohiaga In Eika. The Monarch, HRH Simon Owuda was filled with prayers and excitement at the Team for their Fulfilled Promise.
Earlier, during the Birthday celebration of the Deputy Governor, Chief Dr. Edward David Onoja, the CEDO 4 GYB2PYB group made a promise to Renovate the Palace which was in a bad state.
In the spirit of the New Direction Team known for consistently fulfilling promises, the team completed the renovation and revitalization of the Palace which now wear a new look. The Team advocated for the blessings and the continuous prayers of HRH and the community for the success of Governor Yahaya Bello’s Presidential ambition for the greater good of the State and the country at large. The visit ended with prayers and good wishes for the New Direction Team and the progress of the State.

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