Youths Have cautioned political parties to make no mistake, In presenting youthful presidential candidates Come 2023


A Youth socio-political group: Nigeria Youths Agenda Movement have reiterated their stand for a youthful president come 2023.
In a statement released to the press by the National President of the movement-Comr Solace Omolaiye, he urged all serious political parties in Nigeria not to make any mistake come 2023 by presenting old folks to occupy the sensitive presidential position but rather to present a young vibrant, Experienced candidate for the election. He stated that the youths are awoken and are ready to transform the nation positively with impactful leadership and will only support youths for president come 2023.
His statement read further…..

An array of turbulence in the twenty-first century with Nigeria being strongly hit socioeconomically dictates that strong, confident youths rise and address the matters of the day – dominance, privilege, social justice, activism, allyship – and without wavering, advocate for social change. Bold innovation is necessary to serve marginalized and disenfranchised populations. This is a must-have, there is an urgent need for active leadership whose goal is to protect our collective humanity by putting transformative leadership into action.

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Finding solutions to the most significant challenges in the nation from insecurity ravaging most parts o the nation to disunity tearing apart our brotherhood, to decadence in education and health sectors requires bold and creative thinking, which we can only get an active, experienced Youth as president.

Research and Experience have shown that older leaders are more likely to take a passive approach to their leadership role-for crises many duties and become actively involved only in crises. They are also more likely to maintain the status quo rather than respond to new opportunities that arise. In some situations maintaining rather than innovating usually leads to decline but a younger leader is open to transformative change and has the necessary energy for active leadership.

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Young leaders tend to feel more comfortable in fast-changing environments and to be more willing to take risks and consider peaches than older leaders do.

Most importantly, youthful leaders use their skills to support equity, inclusively, and fairness to ensure the well-being of all.

it is observed that older leaders generally experience physical regression and anxiety (Levinson, 1986). Past research has shown that these old leaders are less willing to take risks and consider new approaches than their younger colleagues (Oshagbemi, 2004) and are disadvantaged during times of deep technological innovation (Bartel, 1990). It is seen that there is a lack of processing capacity, a decrease in the speed of information processing, and a lower capacity to perform reflexive action (Schaie, 1996). ..


But youth leadership can access information earlier, processed individually and collectively, and pragmatically raise innovative solutions for reflex action to bring about transformative change.
On this premise, we the youths call on every Political party to present, intelligent and Experienced Youths as 2023 presidential candidates.

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