Qualities Of Prince Adewole Adebayo, Nigeria’s Best Presidential aspirant for 2023

SDP Presidential candidate, Prince Adewole Adebayo


Prince Adewole Adebayo cannot be missed in a horde. The immensity of his numerous aptitudes and the effervescence of his charm stand him out at every gathering. One can hardly meet a more confident man, an individual who cherishes the life of the mind invests in its cultivation, and continually stands out for his application brain, lucidity, and logic which Nigeria needs as president in the 21st century.

“Eight Qualities That Makes Prince Adewole Adebayo Nigeria’s, Best Presidential candidate in 2023 Election“.

1. Sound Educational Advancement:

Prince Adewole Adebayo easily ranks among the most educated and able Nigerians in any field, and certainly one of the very best yet to hold public office as Nigerian president and one of the most committed to the public good through his philanthropy gestures In Nigeria, Africa, and beyond.

2. Competence And Diligence:

Adebayo’s talents are strengthened by a tough character built on the old values that are anchored on hard work, honesty, resilience, and competence.

This awesome talent was nurtured in the Ondo kingdom and he has devoted his adult life to making it better for all

3. Distinguish Family Background:

Prince Adebayo is a direct descendant of Osemawe Odunola, grandson of Osemawe Lamela, and direct descendant of Alaafin Onigbogi and Alaafin Sango of Oyo Ile and Elempe, Etsu of Nupe and Oba of Bini, Adewole Adebayo was born on the 8th January 1972.

After completing his Primary School in Ondo, his mind was sharpened at Saint Joseph College, Ondo and further refined at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University where he graduated with honors in Law. In OAU, not only did he run a successful law program, but also participated in national activism as a Nigerian student.

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4. A Sound Professional And Excellence:

Barr Adewole Adebayo was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2000 after completing and passing his bar exams from the Nigerian Law School, Lagos.

In 2002, shortly after his return to Lagos following his NYSC in Kogi State, he joined the Tunji Abayomi law firm where he quickly rose through the rank.

Prince Adebayo later acquired Masters of Law at the University of Jos. He participated in the activities of the Nigerian Labour Congress as a Comrade and he made friends across Nigeria who admire him for his strength of character, integrity, and zeal.

5. Work And Leadership Experience:

Barr Adewole’s contributions in legal and Judiciary development by working with Tunji Abayomi is Unprecedented.

Prince Adewole’s zeal for the best pushed him to Abuja where he established his law firm, “Adewole Adebayo & Co., House of Law”.

As the Principal Solicitor, he came into prominence as a leader in his professional field while also investing in the future of young people by mentoring and employing corps members lawyers and teaching them
with seasoned lawyers as associates and partners.

Among the many seasoned lawyers he has groomed is Dr. Kayode Ajulo, former National Secretary of the Labour Party.

The shared breath of Adebayo’s knowledge, his broad mind, the clarity of his analysis, and his competence soon brought him to the national limelight Adebayo became known as a young man who handles every difficult task with aplomb.

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6. International Network And Global Sagacity:

The same qualities that had enabled him to succeed during the Obasanjo’s administration eventually brought him to the international limelight as many international businesses and conglomerates began to entrust him with the legal fate of their firms.

As a member of the International Bar Association, Adebayo later returned to school in the United States of America, completing the New York Bar Exams in flying color. Today, his practice cuts across all the continents of the world.

Prince Adebayo is licensed in California, New York, and the courts of the United States. He has substantial law practice experience in the UK, Europe, Australia. He is a Fellow, Chartered Institute of Arbitration Nigeria, Singa, pore, and the United Kingdom.

As the Chairman of Africa Dialogue Mission (ADM), Adebayo was in 2006 appointed by the United Nations Organisation and ECOWAS as Commissioner on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Liberia

< Adebayo is the Chairman of Blueprint Global Group Washington DC.

< Adebayo is also the Board Adviser, National Black Chambers of Commerce USA.

<  He is also President and Board Chairman of several corporations in the US, Nigeria, and East Africa.

7. Industrialist Cum Entrepreneur:

A farmer and chairman of Agbede Agric Projects, Adebayo is the Chairman of Sai Phytochemicals producers of Sailin drugs for the treatment of sickle cell anemia in India and Nigeria.

Adebayo held a one-week retreat at his country home in Ondo kingdom. It was at this retreat that the objectives and mission statement of KAFTAN TV was birthed.

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KAFTAN TV is headquartered in Ondo with additional offices in Lagos, Abuja, and Washington DC in the United States of America.

KAFTAN TV broadcasts on StarTimes, Ben TV, and Lyngsat.

It has been able to reach a wider audience across more than 20 African countries where StarTimes broadcasts, reaching an audience of over 6 million homes with news in business, politics, sports, entertainment, and global trends.

Having achieved this milestone, Adewole Adebayo decided to put the local audience into consideration with the introduction of KAFTAN TV Yoruba and KAFTAN Hausa.

The company has successfully retained 103 corps members. On November 18, 2021, NYSC recognized KAFTAN TV as the Best Corps Employers in the Ondo zone.

8. Recognitions  And Honours:

Adewole Adebayo is a recipient of many awards in recognition of his service to his State, community, and humanity. In March 2021, he was recognized by the Ondo State Government as the indigene who pays the highest personal income tax to the Ondo State Government.

Prince is a man of gravitas and substance, a proven leader who has produced human resources that have helped the country and the community.

A man of the future who has succeeded in bringing thousands of youths out of the employment pool, a man who has continued to give children from poor homes hope of a better tomorrow by using his resources to cater for their personal and academic needs.

A man has succeeded in producing high-caliber professionals.

Meet an institution and authority whose alumni is a very rich alumnus, Prince Adewole Adebayo

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