SDP presidential candidate, Adewole Adebayo Receives Royal Blessings from Emir of zazzau

The 2023 presidential candidate under the platform of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Barrister Adewole Adebayo has received the royal blessings and assurance of the Zazzau Kingdom in Kaduna State as he moves to become the next president of Nigeria in the forthcoming general elections.

Adebayo who visited alongside the former Minister of Youth and Sports Solomon Selcap Dalung, Senator representing Anambra South Senatorial District, Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, and many other dignitaries the Emir of Zazzau also known as Sarkin Zazzau, Alhaji Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli to consult and seek the endorsement of the kingdom ahead of 2023.

Addressing the king and the crowded palace, the presidential hopeful first applauded the city of Zaria and the kingdom drawing from its beauties in history before moving on to abreast the people with his reason for the visit.

Speaking on his ambition to become the next president of the most populous black nation, the lawyer narrated, “I’m seeking an office which is for four years. And if one is lucky and wants another four years. But the institution I am consulting has been here for over a thousand years, and this Kingdom has endured based on the wisdom of our forefather, including our foremother Queen Amina, and the wisdom with which this kingdom is being ruled has also helped in developing the country. And I thought that I should come here to seek your permission to seek this office as a father. In the same way, I will consult my father because you are also my father.

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“And if I have your consent to continue, I also need your wisdom as I go along. And if it pleases Almighty Allah that the people of Nigeria elect us, then we will need you more.

The challenges facing the country are well known to the palace because when the government fails, the palace can never fail the people. The people will come here and say, our father. This is what has happened to us in this dispensation.

“So I’m not spending time of Your Majesty talking about the problems, but I have the few solutions which I will consider that with your prayers, they should work with sincerity of heart. We will apply and they should work. And I said to my team members and many people working together that Nigeria has everything. It pleases God Almighty to make Nigeria a taste of Paradise. And it gives us everything that we need. But we must ourselves apply what God has given us, which we have not used. We have used the oil, we have used the land, we have used the water.

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“But God also gave truth, he also gave us justice but we have refused to use those. So when I come to be of service to my country, men and women, I will come and use truth. And the truth is very important, especially when the truth does not serve your interest when the truth serves the interest of the government. And I will do justice because when we do justice, Everything will fall in place.”

On his part, the royal father and one of the most influential personalities in the north, the Emir of Zazzau didn’t hesitate to offer his blessings to the aspirants as he assured him of their steadfast prayers and best wishes.

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The King who first appreciated the visit said, “We receive your message and consider it as an honor to visit us this afternoon despite your busy schedule and the problem of transportation.

“Regarding your ambition, what we can do at this stage is to wish you the very best of luck.

“People with impeccable character, people with capacity, and people who can take us to the promised land.

“We hope that this will be the beginning of a sustaining relationship with you.

“We will continue to pray for you and wish you the very best.”

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