2023: Gov. Bello promise to set up National Blockchain Taskforce as President

says his administration will learn from the south east’s apprenticeship model


By: Ademola Akadiri


Kogi State Governor and presidential aspirant, Yahaya Bello has promised to set up a National BlockChain Taskforce (NBT) to develop a trailblazing policy for the nation in cryptos, the metaverse, NFTs and blockchain technology when elected as President.

He stressed that such emergent field can certainly not be ignored and outrightly banned or completely outlawed adding that government must help the youths to keep pace with their generation in a lawful manner

Yahaya Bello who declared his intention to run for the seat of the President in 2023 asserted that his Presidency would pursue a clearly defined strategy on broadening the footprint of new technology in the economy. We know how important this is to youth enterprise in today’s world. In particular, he concluded

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He noted that in building businesses for younger people a lot must be learnt from the South East’s apprenticeship model by which a boy, from an indigent or affluent background, is taken, trained and turned into a millionaire businessman in as little as 10 years

He added that such efficient wealth creation model must be understudied and invested in noting that Harvard University already studies it and the Nigerian Government must do no less.

He said “I have personally observed that this model works on average 50% of the time with at least 5 out of 10 boys who apprenticed with various Igbo friends of mine millionaires today in their own rights. I also observed that it is not the line of business but the underlying principles and practices that work so well”

“This is because this amazing phenomenon is repeated sector after sector whether they deal in vehicle spare parts, electricals, pharmaceuticals, clothing, or even foodstuffs, etc. This means it is a system that can be replicated. We will explore methods to do so”.

He explained that he had a vision of a Nigerian government and economy that is open, inclusive and honest and with leaders like him and governments such as his had a duty to manage the economy so that it operated with a human face and transparent processes.

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He mentioned thatKogi State under my leadership has consistently led others in the World Bank’s States Fiscal Transparency, Accountability and Sustainability (SFTAS) indices. It is a result I want to mainstream to the nation as a whole”

He noted that as President, he would foster an economy in which every citizen can maximize their potential as wealth creators and change agents adding that he would work towards a democracy of the economy which places equal access to the factors of productivity within the grasp of any citizen who was ready to work hard and to work smart in pursuit of their own dreams.

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