Ibaji Local Government Council Operates From Onyedega Not Idah


It’s mischievous to claim the hon. The Chairman of Ibaji local Government relocated the statutory seat of Ibaji Local Government to Idah. It’s an illusion fueled by an addictive disposition for smear campaigns, a show of disconnection from the people of Ibaji and current happenings. Ibaji liaison office pre-dates this administration and the purpose is to caution against possible administrative collapse due to the unpredictable infamous annual floodings that have repeatedly ravaged properties worth billions of naira and interfere unpleasantly with the administrative runnings of the local Government over the years. The liaison office serving as a buffer has helped immensely in mitigating administrative gabs when unavoidable in times of natural disaster.

It’s deep ignorance that would inform any to consider a liaison office a desecration of political representation and economic opportunities without considering the essence of its sitting. On a few occasions the liaison office was put to use as pure as a channel of communication and not a core administrative base as alleged; except occasioned by a natural disaster that leaves us with zero option within the headquarters and it’s a rare occurrence. Within these sparingly daunting moments, our administration has been working assiduously on modalities to caution the rare instability of the operational base to ensure a better location that is not vulnerable to medium-scale flooding. Immediately the honorable chairman was elected, he converted the chairman’s lodge into an administrative building where the entire staffers of the Local Government carry out their job schedules. So far, this has been very successful and promising.

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In times of natural disasters that unavoidably occasioned the use of the Ibaji liaison office, manpower is relatively enhanced for effective operations to better serve the people. This is discontinued immediately and staffers are asked to return to headquarters at Onyedega in Ibaji to continue with their official assignments through circular when the effect of the flooding subsides. The issuance of circulars is not new but rare in this regard. The occasional heavy and lite presence of staffers at the liaison office is not new either. It’s subject to the state of the yearly flooding in Ibaji local Government.

The administration of hon. Williams is deeply committed to the progress of Ibaji and her people. All cards are on the table for its actualization, including ensuring the administrative runnings in the headquarters at all possible costs. The hon. Chairman is a grass-rooted personality who lives among his people cohesively. Over time, he has proven no place could be better than home. The span of his popularity and acceptance is a justification for his residence among the good people of Ibaji. It’s the figment of a tabloid body to claim a chairman whose love for his locality is unmatched to have relocated. With proof, the persons who did their states of origin this year did it in Ibaji local government by the officials responsible in that regard.

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Any political body or party’s sympathizer who claimed to have carried out investigations should make public their findings with evidence.

We want to guarantee all well-meaning Ibaji sons and daughters of our unalloyed commitment to improving our: shared economy, political stability, and stable human relations across the board. This we swore to protect and uphold at all times.

Hon Young clement
SSA Media and publicity Ibaji Local Government

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