Engr. Abubakar Ohere Is An Achiever Worthy of Representation


In a wake of political rejuvenation in Kogi central, I wrote an open letter to the state party delegates and the party leader(s), I stressed the fact of the jaundical political benefits and achievement, kOgi state especially Kogi central Senatorial district has witnessed in the past four years, I called for a change of candidates as a way forward. I also pointed out that for Kogi central to witness dividends of democracy as others have been witnessing in some states, we must place the right people in the National Assembly, especially our Senate and House of Reps. I was emphatic on the characteristics of such person we can send.

While the letter went viral, I received lots of calls and messages from people who shared the same opinion as mine, and also some others who called to threaten me.

As an electorate with the capacity to gather support and votes from comrades, friends, colleagues, and family members who believed in me as an experienced leader, I cannot act like a coward in putting up my political views and opinions and I will do more of that irrespective of withsayers or gainsayers.


In my last open letter, I pointed out that our leaders must search and bring on board NASS members that can facilitate constituency projects back home, who can go all the way to provide jobs for the youths, someone who is eloquent and bold to stand on the floor or sit with his colleagues and air his view intellectually, someone sociable and capable to drive his request to his colleagues, someone highly educated and can bring meaningful policies that will better the lives of the people, someone who is always sitting with his people to hear their thoughts and opinions about local and national issues and lots more.

Today, I can say that for the exalted seat of kOgi Central Senator, Engr Abubakar Ohere is a worthy candidate that fits into the above description. As an astute administrator and seasoned Engineer, he has shown his wealth of experience in leadership. When he served as the commissioner of local govt and chieftaincy affairs, he was very close to the grassroots that he is usually called the people governor, he reforms our chieftaincy institution and made them a Paramount segment of the government.

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In the second administration of Gov Yahaya Bello, he was redeployed to the ministry of works, here Engr Abubakar Ohere showed his structural capacity as Kogi witnessed several Infrastructures that has never been witnessed since the creation of the state, he oversee the speedy works in the CUSTECH in Osara, the construction of Referral hospital/teaching hospital in okene and others in the three Senatorial districts, several township roads in all the three Senatorial districts of kogi state, the Muhammadu Buhari Civic center, several schools built by this administration, renovation of the state specialist hospital, and the magnificent Ganaja flyover tending towards completion. In all his assignments, he has given youths opportunities and Empowered several others to be gainfully employed in govt civil service and small and medium scale enterprises. He has gone further to facilitate federal government jobs for a good number of youths of kOgi Central.

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He also established a scholarship foundation that has sent several youths to Master’s degrees.
Engr Abubakar Ohere is a man I have never met or worked closely with, neither have I benefited anything directly from but with the testimonies of several people with substantial evidence of the positive impact made by him in their lives, I strongly believe that if he is given opportunity to serve in the upper chamber of the national assembly, he will do better and will be our future Senate president we hope to have.


Solace Omolaiye O.

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