Okene/Ogori-Magongo: Dr. Sanni Ozomata, The People’s Choice With a Positive Vision


As the political atmosphere gets tensed all around the nation, that of Kogi Central is nothing different, however, there is a loud voice from the people of oKene/Ogori Magongo constituents on the need to have their choice flag the party mandate. The good people of oKene- Ogori Magongo have re-emphasized the need to have a true representative of the people in the green chamber of the National assembly as deserving for the good people of oKene-Ogori Magongo. They describe such a person must have the following attributes:

Educated: We are aware most people went to school, but we want to point out that not all allowed schools to pass through them. Our candidate must be educated and have shown intellectual acumen, he must be well-read to be able to bring light to the constituency, quality education brings quality information which brings about quality power. Okene-Ogori Magongo is an abode of intellectuals and one of such people must be given the mandate come 2023.

Exposure: Okene-Ogori Magongo constituents seek a candidate that is widely traveled and exposed to 21st-century development in other places. This will encourage the candidate to bring such development to our constituency.

Humility: In this period of Politicking, it is normal for all aspirants to fake humility, those who don’t value life to start acting nice, but we know over the years those who have shown uttermost humility, Okene-Ogori Magongo deserve such person in the green chamber of National Assembly.

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Experienced: leadership is not accidental, it is developed, Okene-Ogori Magongo constituency is no longer in for trial and error, people who are picked from nowhere and placed in exalted office only to show gross incapacitation at the end of their tenure. Okene- Ogori/Magongo constituency deserves an experienced Administrator, a seasoned professional in his field who has shown with tangible results, what they have been able to achieve over the years.

Contribution to Community Development: those who have shown their positive contribution to the community in their little capacity should be given the right platform to do more, so the people sort for such person who has been instrumental to community Development.

Given these, the people have been calling on Dr. Sanni Ozomata to represent them in the green chamber, he is a professional Vet. Doc from the prestigious University of Usman Dan Fodio, who has acquired more knowledge as he also possesses two Masters in Disaster Risk Management (FUTminna) and Development and Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics (University of Nairobi), he is currently undertaking his PhD in the Department of Vet. Tropical Diseases at the University Pretoria South Africa.


He has shown Excellent leadership acumen when at a tender age he led the National body of Ebira students (NAES). He also shows his wealth of experience and philosophical belief as to tViceice Chairman, of the BUHARI campaign organization, Kogi state chapter, and Coordinator of Kogi central for General Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign organization cum Alh Yahaya Bello Gubernatorial intent in Kogi central in 2015.
He is currently affecting Kogi state in large positively as the coordinator of world Bank APPEALS Project representative in the state where over 15,000 farmers have directly benefited from the programs, policies, and programs of the APPEAL P Kogi.

He has contributed positively to the people of kOgi Central and Okene-Ogori/Magongo constituency, in particular, Dr. Sanni Ozomata has given several scholarships to our brothers and sisters even at the high institution and second-degree levels, he organized One on One medical outreaches on several occasions. He has also paid several medical bills of those who couldn’t afford to, serving as their solace while in dear need.

For the above reasons and more, Dr. Sanni Ozomata was invited to several groups gathering in Okene and Ogori Magongo and was asked to represent the people.
On the 10th and 11th, Dr. Sanni Ozomata went with his team in consultation with the elders, stakeholders, and party leaders across the two local govt and most of them spoke well of his antecedents, pleading that with him that the hope of good representation in which their children will be encouraged and assisted to go for further studies, the hope of getting jobs directly with the government or indirectly via quality empowerment, the hope of having federal government Infrastructures to complement the state efforts in health, education and vocational training, the hope of having their own to send message to the center of national power lies on Dr. Sanni Ozomata, and they will be glad if he will be ready to go on this national assignment for the people.
Indeed the voice of the people, is the voice of God, the people have spoken loud and clear and it is audible to the deaf; Dr. Sanni Ozomata is the people’s choice for FEDERAL House of Representatives, Okene-Ogori/Mangogo federal constituency 2023.

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Solace Omolaiye

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