2023 : 27 Years Old Beauty Queen declares for Kogi State House of Assembly


My dear people of Kogi State,

I am using this medium to officially inform you of my aspiration to represent the good people of Okene II State Constituency at the Kogi State House of Assembly in the forthcoming elections.

Ordinarily, I should be addressing only the people of Okene II Constituency, but I have since discovered that my aspiration carries a message that does not only transcend my immediate constituency, but also seeks to inspire every young woman like myself across the state who is desirous to take on leadership responsibilities, demonstrate capacity and impact our society in no small measure.

My dreams are my greatest push; quite big dreams to liberate those whom I share same demography, and restore hope for a better tomorrow.

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I understand the complexity and uniqueness of politics in Kogi State, and conscious that I am embarking on an onerous route to leadership. With your supports, I have decided to lead the way, and dare to be different.

Once upon a time, the only woman who ever sat in the Kogi State House of Assembly as a lawmaker, Late Nana Ojeba died in 2004. After her passing, her kind whom she inspired, seemingly gave up their ambitions. However, before her passing, she exemplified leadership in legislation, representation and influence. For me, she was my idol and this is enough silver lining to change the narrative, especially for as many who want to dare.

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I am an embodiment of visions for the youths, women and the generality of Okene II Constituency. As the primary election draws near, I shall bring to you, my visions which are characterized by innovative interventions, programmes, and policies. Above all, I want to offer myself as a legislator who will speak your minds, fight for your rights and make my generation proud.

I humbly seek your supports in all ramifications, and ask that you go on this journey with me.

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