Leading Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has picked up his Expression of Interest and Nomination Form to contest for the 2023 Presidential election.

Bello, who was the first to pay the 100 Million Naira required for the forms was received by a mammoth crowd of party faithfuls and support groups from across the Country, who have been urging him to run for President.

Addressing the crowd, Bello said, “Right now, what we have ahead of us is a task of canvassing and consulting all party faithfuls, leaders, delegates, stalwarts, Members of the Party, Nigerians at home and even in the diaspora to support us so that we become the flag bearer of this great party come 30th and 31st of May 2022

“By the special grace of God, I am confident I shall become victorious and the party shall become victorious

“Yahaya Bello is coming to restore hope for Nigerians, for the entire black Africans and for the entire black nation across the world

“That is the hope that we are coming on board with, we are coming to Unite, secure and to put the Country and our people on the path of progress and prosperity”

On the call on Jonathan to join the race, he said, “That is the beauty of democracy. In democracy, anybody can push for, vie for and support anyone. But I am assuring you that our great Party, the All Progressives Congress is a party that has its own ethics, rules and regulations and I know that all of it is in my favour

“I am confident because I am in the majority, I have the women, the youths and people living with disabilities behind me, I have leaders, I have followers, I have Nigerians and above all, I have God almighty behind me”

Speaking, the Director-General, Hope ‘23 Yahaya Bello Campaign Organisation, Hafsat Abiola-Costello, said the fact that Bello was the first candidate to pay for the nomination forms demonstrated sincerity of purpose.

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She said that Bello’s action was a demonstration that the young people were ready to take the leadership of Nigeria come 2023.

“This is a historic moment, a great milestone in the history of of our Country – Nigeria

“Finally, the young people of Nigeria are taking responsibility, demonstrating that we can lead this Country to a brighter future

“At this moment, the candidate, Governor Yahaya Bello has come to pick his form, he was the first to pay for his APC Presidential form because we want to demonstrate our sincerity of purpose

“Our believe is that this is the destiny that God wants for Nigeria and we will do everything in our power to bring it about so, we are looking forward to the support of the delegates of the APC; we are also looking forward to the support of Nigerians when we get to the Presidential Campaign

“God’s willing, 2023 we will be welcoming President Yahaya Bello to Aso Rock so, congratulations to all Nigerians” Abiola-Costello said.

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