Popular Kogi Pastor, Past. Gideon Isa Preaches Religious Tolerance, As He Joins Muslim Faithfuls To breakfast


The Founder and senior pastor of Household of Mercy and Deliverance Ministry, Past. Gideo Isa popularly called Ozugbo Ozugbo today the last day of Iftar hosts Muslims faithful at a popular fast food, Misi T.

The pastor who is known for his usual magnanimity and show of support for youths regardless of religious beliefs awes the people as he breaks fast with Muslim brothers in the state capital, Lokoja, Kogi state.

According to him, the best way to share in the blessing of the holy months of his Muslim brothers is not far from what he has just done, citing that, religious tolerance and building harmonious relations between all religions is a core priority of his person, hence his spiritual father, Snr. Past. Jeremiah who learned him to this height of excellence has no iota or scintilla of discrimination or disparity in his blood.

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” I count this as a rear opportunity being in your midst today, to breakfast with you all my Muslim brother, today seemingly the last day of Ramadan, and I think it worthy call you all here to share the love of harmony and oneness”

“It is no doubt that, over the time, Religion has divided us as a person, because of our ignorance, but today, with advancement and knowledge of the contemporary world, we now know that Humanity comes first in all we do as humans, As a Christian, I see you today as my brother, religion is just a pathway to God, and I am glad, My spiritual father who raised me taught me well about humanity and religion,” He said

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While wishing them a Happy Sallah, He cautions them to allow the golden rules and blessings that come with the holy month of Ramadan to follow them even after Ramadan is over.

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