Aftermath of APC Primaries in Nasarawa; Hon. Aibro Speaks

Alhaji Abdullahi Ibrahim popularly called AIBRO
Alhaji Abdullahi Ibrahim popularly called AIBRO
Alhaji Abdullahi Ibrahim popularly called AIBRO

My dear comrades, please permit me to use this medium to address you on my participation and outcome of the just concluded primaries of our party, the APC in respect of Nasarawa/Toto Federal Constituency.


Politics to me especially in our representative democracy is for the people to put forward their best hands in order to ensure quality policies and invariably good governance. Good people should and must participate at all levels of politics in order to enthrone the change we so desire! Therein lies my motivation for participation in politics!


Prelude to the APC primaries, I was subjected to all manners of hypocrisy, deceit and treachery from people very close to me and with whom we had had agreements to support me. Perhaps, the greed of some individuals or the envy, betrayal and covetousness of friends and brothers rocked the boat for everyone.


There was an initial primary election scheduled for 27th May 2022 at Nasarawa, Headquarters of the constituency which suffered some disruption. Another election was purportedly conducted on 29th May by a faction at an unauthorized location which purportedly produced a winner who was also the sole contestant present. We are not even sure which delegates list they used!! That election was canceled for obvious constitutional reasons and communicated to all parties along with the date for a rerun.

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On the 3rd Jun which was the rerun date, only one LGA voted and another winner was purportedly declared. This was also fraught with it’s challenges that ONE out of TWO LGAs was disenfranchised. It does not matter whether the votes from one LGA can give victory BUT no one should be disenfranchised! This is the legal and democratic process! The list of delegates had been further manipulated from the one brought on 27th May.


Be that as it may, this is a primary election to pick the candidate to represent our party, the APC in the 2023 elections. As we are all making our cases using political or legal channels, we must do so with equanimity, knowing that we will still work together for the success of the APC.

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In this court of equity, unfortunately, no one is coming with clean hands. There was manipulation in connivance with some unscrupulous party officials of the list of delegates at the State level which initially did not hold congresses to elect the delegates as prescribed by APC Headquarters. There was also a counter manipulation at the APC Headquarters of the already manipulated list of delegates!! Notwithstanding, it is sad to watch the acrimony between supporters over a primary election when we will have to eventually work together to ensure APC wins all elections come 2023!


I therefore call on everyone to sheet their swords and seek redress with decorum. In the end, we are members of the same political party and must work together for success from President to House of Assembly come 2023!

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I seek power not as an end in itself but as a means to an end – the security and welfare of our people! But Allah gives and takes away power to who and from whom He wishes and at the time it pleases Him. Destiny can never be delayed nor denied because Allah alone is the Knower and the Wise.


I wish to thank all of you my supporters for the love, prayers and commitment but most importantly for showing restraint and maturity while canvassing for support for me. God bless you all. Indeed, the future is still a wide ocean with so much to look forward to. ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST. I remain an APC member and committed to using my energy and resources for success come 2023!


Thank you and God bless us all.





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