“Stop Being a Vegetable Christian, Ignite Your Prayer Life” – Bishop Kolawole Charges Believers

Bishop (Dr.) Kolawole Adebisi, General Overseer, Zion Hills Church of Nations

Christians have been called upon to revive their prayer life to enable them overcome the current day challenges.

The General Overseer of the Zion Hill Church of All Nations (ZHCOAN), Adelma Estate in Ajaokuta Local Government Area of Kogi State, Bishop Kolawole Adebisi, who gave the admonition while speaking the topic entitled “The Power of Prayer”, explained that prayer is human communing with God, presenting their challenges while trusting God to provide lasting solutions to them.

He pointed out that believers worldwide are expected to be men and women of prayer, saying such will lessen life challenges.

“Ultimately, the transcript of your prayer becomes the script of your life, this implies that what you become in life is determined by the quality of your prayer life

The devil cannot come close to you the moment you become a prayer machine that is why he will always distract you from praying, you must resist him and revive your prayer life

“Prayer is important because it break barriers, keeps you strong and creates confidence in you at all times

“If you can pray more you will depend less on Men of God, you must increase the tempo of your prayer

“While praying, apply wisdom, watch out for opportunities and grab them

“If you can’t pray, you will become a prey in the mouth of the enemy, a family that prays together lives together

“Always create time to pray, the prayer you pray today will become your saving grace tomorrow” he said.


He pointed out that prayerless life leads men to move from pillar to post seeking for help in wrong places, stressing that God is not pleased with such practices.

The Clergyman however lamented that men no longer create time to pray as they are taken away by activities, calling on them to retrace their steps and engage in prayer at all times.

Dr. Kolawole described prayer as a potent weapon in the mouth of believers to bring an end to all the plans and agendas of the wicked ones, calling on Christians to also make out time to fast.

“Prayer is a potent weapon that God has given us to destroy all the forces of darkness, it is also very important at solving life challenges and if you cannot PRAY you become a PREY to the enemy

“My call to Christians all over the world is that they should focus on their prayer life and stop living the vegetable life where they are at the mercy of the devil when the devil is supposed to stay from your Camp

“Prayer helps Christians to build defense and also serves as offensive attack against the enemy so believers must dedicate their time to prayer when it is convenient and when it is not” he said.

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