Collapse of National Grid: “A frivolously corrupt malady Atiku and his boss, the Otta- based Emperor of Corruption Imperially Imposed on Nigerians, has Lead Nigeria to this Power Failure” – Speaker, NYAN

It’s a very sad irony of arrogant Political insensitivity, to read with total dismay as Atiku Abubakar was jubilantly reported to have mockingly chastised the Buhari Government on accounts of the national grid system collapse.

It’s the highest level of dubious irresponsibility to read about Atiku Abubakar, and his former boss, President OBJ talking against President Buhari’s Government for, as one whom at a time have push us into a perpetual darkness through undemocratic doctrine and suspension of rule of law, to imposition darkness on Nigerians.

We are not holding brief for Buhari government but Atiku is not innocent of what he’s condemning today, as National grid continue to collapse.

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If he and his former boss talking ill about the Buhari Government,who had the ill considerable misfortunes of inheriting the Covid-19 mass-looted leftover and reconfigured infrastructural carcasses they had Corruptly deceived Nigerians with, which now, have become obsolete and beyond repairs, thus becoming a liability to tackle it’s insolvent menace by successive governments.

All Nigerians should raise their voice and speak out to condemn Atiku‘s impudent Political desperation, which seem to make him dogmatically insensitive, rude and disrespectful to Nigerian’s sensibilities, as if, he thinks we are all unintelligent, dumb and illiterates!



Rt Hon Ibrahim Mohammed Lawal 

Speaker, Northern Youths Assembly of Nigeria (NYAN).


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