Hajiya Aisha Suleiman, CEO, Kogi Investment and Properties Limited (KIPL), Presents 4 Years of Stewardship

Kogi Investment And Properties Limited (KIPL), is a One-Stop Shop for Investment initiation and registry, wholly owned by the Kogi State Government.

KIPL was established by the Company and Allied Matter Act (CAMA) and regulated by it’s Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (MEMAT) registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

For both home and abroad, the Limited Liability Company is mandated with Businesses of the State, cutting across Agricultural, Manufacturing, Property/Real estate, Franchise, Consultation, Hospitality, among others.

Just like every other sister state Investment Houses, KIPL is the business representative and Investment arm of Kogi State.

Hajiya Aisha Suleiman, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Kogi Investment and Properties Limited, (KIPL), has in different ways demonstrated her capacity to transform the Investment house to better status.

Under her watch, KIPL have witnessed positive changes and huge success in the areas of robust administration, attract investors (both local and Foreign), positive innovations, to mention but a few.

Upon her assumption of Office, she met the Company being run as a Civil Service outfit but for optimal performance, she engaged competent hands and reform the administrative structure of KIPL to reflect a Limited Liability Company. By this move, KIPL now own and pay her staff salaries.

In the light of the developmental agenda of the present administration of His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, the Executive Governor of Kogi State, the Company was granted autonomy; this resulted in the Governor’s approval to remove the Company from the State’s Treasury Single Account (TSA) and recapitalize it with some of the State Assets worth over N2Billion.

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There was an accumulated unpaid statutory fees billed over N200,000 Million from 2011 at the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

At the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), KIPL was almost delisted because over time, the Company profile was not updated. At the moment, the debt has been cleared and the KIPL profile has now been updated, setting it on the contemporary modus operandi.

Similarly, the Office building has been renovated to create a conducive environment for staff and attract/gain the confidence of Investors; and there has been tremendous improvement in the internal operations.

Following her dedication to duty, Hajiya Aisha retrieved some landed properties of the State in private hands (with their documents), regularize and entrusted them with capable Agents for proper management. In addition, some properties whose ownership were claimed by individuals were retrieved through legal actions.

There were State properties without proper documentation and security, these properties were regularized and their security ensured for development.

In another phase, Kogi Investment Properties Limited rolled out plans to build hostels in some selected tertiary institutions across the 36 States of the Country including FCT. So far, it has acquired some plots of land at the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria (Samaru Campus) and effort is on-going to acquire land in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

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However, with the little resources available through Internally Generated Revenue, there has been investment in property development (shopping plaza, Lokongoma Phase 2 Lokoja). Again, there has been investment in transportation for inter-state businesses.

Hajiya Aisha Suleiman has engaged a renown estate developer – MC Dream Concept Limited for the provision of a Smart Housing Estate and Ultra Modem Shopping Plaza in the State.

The Felele Housing Estate was also handed over to her in a vandalized shape and uncompleted, but at the moment, her Office is in agreement with an investor for the completion of the project.

The MD, KIPL sourced for investors and revive the Confluence Fertilizer Company along Ayingba road. The Company at the moment is at production testing stage and KIPL is hopeful that full operation will commence before the end of the year 2022.

Hajiya Aisha Suleiman inspecting Confluence Fertilizer Company
Hajiya Aisha Suleiman inspecting Confluence Fertilizer Company

The Management of KIPL has also signed an agreement with a Russian Consortium – E-Force Agro Mechanized farming for the production of commercial maize production and other farm products.

MD meeting with an investor, E-force and NEXIM Bank on establishment of Commercial Mechanized Farm in Kogi State.
MD meeting with an investor, E-force and NEXIM Bank on establishment of Commercial Mechanized Farm in Kogi State.
Hajiya Aisha Suleiman with Foreign Investor inspecting the Confluence Beach Beach Hotel, Lokoja
Hajiya Aisha Suleiman with Foreign Investor inspecting the Confluence Beach Beach Hotel, Lokoja

Hajiya Aisha Suleiman hinted that arrangement is in place to establish a table water factory to improve revenue generation for the office and the State in general.

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The journey so far were not without challenges – as paucity of funds have delayed the progress of some of her intended laudable projects/programs.

But efforts are been put in place to address the glaring issues administratively towards attracting more investment and investors to the Confluence State.

The MD, KIPL Hajiya Aishat Suleiman says it was part of her program to boost revenue generation through the application of the digital economy and compete vigorously with principles in the contemporary economic hurdles going forward, particularly as the drive for State IGR takes a toll.

For an economy to thrive and perform better, there is always the need to inject enough capital and create stimuli. To this end, the MD desires she gain more support in order for her office to perform optimally and generate the much-needed revenue for the State.

She also pray that her office; KIPL is improved to a befitting edifice like other sister Investment Houses with official mobility.

The MD explained that she has a vision to impact positively on the State IGR, create jobs and attract more investors (both local and Foreign) and contribute significantly to the economy of Kogi State.

Hajiya Aisha remain grateful to His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, Management and Staff of KIPL.

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