2023: “No Nation Moves Forward When The Electorate Constantly Elect Leaders Without Conscience” – Justice Osazee Osasere

Justice Osazee Osasere

By: Joshua Adinoyi



As the Country – Nigeria moves to another electioneering era where the citizens elect new leaders, they have been called upon to elect those with conscience to represent their interest.

A 2023 Action Alliance House of Assembly Candidate to represent Uhunmwode State Constituency in Edo State, Justice Osazee Osasere, made the call in a telephone interview with a Correspondent of the Intelligence News.

Justice Osazee said the need for the electorate to vote for politicians with competency and accountability cannot be overemphasized, stressing that tribe, tongue or religion plays no significant role in the quest of ensuring a better society for all.

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The 2023 Action Alliance House of Assembly Candidate pointed out that Nigeria will become a better place when the electorate consciously elect leaders with conscience to represent them, calling on them to take the bull by its horn in the coming elections.

“Nigeria’s current predicament is caused by leaders without conscience; come 2023, electorate should try as much as possible to elect leaders with conscience

“It takes Politicians without conscience to raise youths as thugs, owe workers salary with pride, politicians without conscience don’t border about the long stay of student at home since their salaries and other allowances hits their bank account constantly

“No Nation moves forward when the electorate constantly elect leaders without conscience, 2023 is another date with destiny, the electorate should change their pattern of electing those that will serve as their voice in the helm of affairs

“Watch out for leaders that are mentally and intellectually capable not those that are financially stable, look out for good antecedents among the leaders and ensure you choose wisely

“Ask questions, what have they done with their past positions, even when they were not in government – find out what they have done for others, how have they contributed positively to the growth of the society, how close are they to the people at the grassroots and all that, these are the things to watch out for in those that will serve as leaders come 2023” he said.

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Giving account of his stewardship, the skillful builder who explained that he has been organizing Student Conference, enjoined the electorate to “vote for those with passion for the development of the electorate not leaders with passion for the cake of the Office they are aspiring to occupy”.

Justice Osazee Osasere
Justice Osazee Osasere

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