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LEADERSHIP, according to WhatIs.com, “Is the ability of an individual or a group of individuals to influence and guide followers or other members of an organization

“Leadership involves making sound – and sometimes difficult – decisions, creating and articulating a clear vision, establishing achievable goals and providing followers with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve those goals”

The above is a pointer that JUSTICE OSAZEE OSASERE, the 2023 House of Assembly Candidate of the Action Alliance Party to represent Uhunmwode Constituency in Edo State, going by his lofty plans for the people, can be described as a personality equipped with true leadership qualities.

Just as the saying goes, “he who wear the shoe knows where it itches”. JUSTICE OSAZEE OSASERE have been living at the grassroots, he is very much aware of the pains of the people and he is set to provide solutions to the challenges of the people of Uhunmwode Constituency in the 2023 Political dispensation.




It is no longer news that most Politicians are only close to the people at the grassroots during electioneering processes and disappears into the air after winning the election which was made possible by the people at the grassroots.

In the past, the people are governed by those who they have no access to and finds it difficult to relate their challenges.

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This is why JUSTICE OSAZEE OSASERE has promised to run an OPEN DOOR POLICY if elected for the Uhunmwode House of Assembly seat come 2023.

He said and I quote:

“You cannot truly govern your people if you are not close to them. When I am finally sworn in as a Legislator come 2023, I will initiate OPEN DOOR POLICY. With this, the good people of Uhunmwode Constituency will always have access to my Office, where in most cases we can discuss their immediate challenges and together, we find a lasting solution to them

The era of playing politics where Legislator can only be available during election and during his or her administration, you will not see the person (s) again, such will be laid to rest under my administration

Comrade Justice Osazee Osasere

The people is the reason why you are in that Office and their BURDENS should be your ultimate concern”


Nigeria, the giant of Africa is a Country blessed with vast fertile lands. Nigerians in time past has earned good living and made great names for themselves and the Country through Agriculture until the discovery of oil.

While many neglected Agriculture, the few who still believe in Agriculture have been living large from the profits earned from it. The Federal Government, led by President Muhammadu Buhari has also been pushing and calling on Nigerians to return to the Greenland and take advantage of its potentials.

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In preparation for an impactful leadership role, JUSTICE OSAZEE OSASERE has promised that:

“My administration will also give attention to agriculture.
I am going to set up a mechanize farming where Uhunmwode indigenes will be employed, this mechanize farming is going to boost food production in my constituency and give a uhunmwode a ride to food sufficiency and


Bursary is a fund that tend to support students WHO DO NOT have the option to pay for their education, even with or without parents’ help.

Justice Osazee Osasere

Going into 2023, JUSTICE OSAZEE OSASERE has made it a point of duty to call the attention of the Edo State House Assembly to BURSARY following the manner some student dropped out of school, due to financial challenges.

The humane and new bred leader narrates his purpose of planning to push to ensure BURSARY come alive again at higher Institutions in Edo State.

“While I was schooling during my days in one of the federal university, I noticed many academically sound students dropped out of school and some couldn’t cope with academic activities owing to lack of finance. Some even engaged themselves in nefarious activities as a means of surviving through school

“Come 2023, as a Legislator in the Edo State House of Assembly and with the collaboration of my colleagues in the House, I am going to push for a law to make payment of BURSARY COMPULSORY for University students. This is going to serve as a boost to their financial demands especially those who are not able to met up for obvious reasons” he said.

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The Nigeria of today has continued to Award various education certificates to her teeming youths without corresponding jobs for them, turning them to job seekers.

Though, some eventually get employed, those who has the LONG LEG get the jobs with ease, some eventually GIVE OUT WHAT THEY HAVE TO GET WHAT THEY WANT while many ends up unlucky.

In view of such trend, JUSTICE OSAZEE OSASERE has added Skills Acquisition, where youths can Learn various “HAND WORK”, become OGA, earn their living and also become employers of Labour.

“As part of my Constituency Projects, I am going to set up skills acquisition center in my Constituency, talking about
Uhunmwode Constituency of Edo State to enable some of the Youth get certain skills

“We all cannot continue to wait for white collar jobs, we can set up ours and become SELF BOSS. We are simply coming to change narratives, we mean business, a better life for the people of Uhunmwode Constituency is all I want come 2023″.

While the 2023 General Elections approach, the onus now lies on the people of Uhunmwode Constituency of Edo State to examine their needs, look inward and ensure they vote for a leader with good intentions for them. Leaders who will be accessible after election and a leader with passion for development.


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