“Kogi Will Rule the World of Science and Technology” – Rector, NKFI Assures

The Rector, Nigeria – Korea Friendship Institute (NKFI), Mr. Williams Charles Oluwatoyin has declared that Kogi state has the tendency to rule the world of Science, Technology and Engineering in view of the infrastructure and current level of government’s commitment to the sector.

Mr. Williams who stated this while conducting an assessment tour of facilities in the institute said the NKFI was strategically located in Kogi state and with the existence of several giant industries, the institute would produce kogi citizens and others that would fit into the manpower needs of the industries.

“At the moment, NKFI graduates are leading anywhere they find themselves and our offered courses are specialized and tailored to serve these industries and other renowned science and technology driven industries” he said.

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The Rector noted that the Diploma Program – NID (National Innovative Diploma) is NBTE approved and students have been gaining admission into polytechnics for HND programs hence NID courses were not terminal.

He pointed out that with the current global need for technological learning as it has become the platform on which contemporary time is built on, NKFI is poised to train Nigerians for the challenges ahead and equip them with the necessary skill which could improve their employability within and outside the Country.

“Our automotive and mechatronics department has a world class practical learning outfit that could produce a Modern Mechanical Engineers, most especially as car producing companies were beginning to explore digital and electronic versions

“Our welding and fabrication unit train students to be able to fabricate any type of machine, we also do gas line welding, where students are trained on special welding such as underwater welding, gas pipeline welding and many more”

The Rector revealed that the electrical and electronics department boasts of modern equipments that would efficiently aide practical learning, adding “for instance that the best University boast of 2 to 3 oscilloscope, but we have about 20 in our practical laboratory hence the institute is well equiped to give the best learning experience

“Other programs like Computer Programming and Networking are second to none with experienced facilitators and up to date facilities for intending students”

While thanking Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello for having great foresight by placing priority in Sciences and Technology, the Rector stressed that NKFI was positioned in leading such drive that youths through the institution would become academically qualified and skilfully employable thereby reducing the surge of unemployment rate in the Country.

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He urged parents, politicians and community leaders to avail their children and wards the golden opportunity to offer them a lifetime of deserving skills that will position them for great job opportunities within and outside the Country.

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