“Ensure the Data Collected during Your Research is Made Available to Other Researchers” – Prof. Francisca Advices Researchers

Prof. Francisca Oladipo

By: Joshua Adinoyi




Researchers have been enjoined to create room for other Researchers to access the data they collected during their Research work.

The Presenter of the 8th Federal University Lokoja (FUL) Inaugural Lecture, Prof. Francisca Oladipo made the call during her presentation on the Topic “If you wish to go FAR, go FAIRy: Reconnoitering an Emerging Computing Paradigm”

Prof. Francisca said data collection plays significant role in all research work, stressing that allowing other Researchers gain access to them makes the work easier and also creates room for more innovation.

Prof. Francisca Oladipo who is the Vice Chancellor, Thomas Adewunmi University, promised to continue to promote the new research concept in Computer Science, develop new model and continue to share them in the days ahead.

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The meat of the Lecture is that Researchers must ensure that the data they collect and use in their research are available for other researchers, when they publish, they must ensure that the data can be found and accessed by others

“Passion and Tenacity will always make one to stand out, you must not keep quiet when things are going wrong, speak and be heard clearly” the Professor of Computer Science noted.

Prof. Francisca Oladipo
Prof. Francisca Oladipo

She enjoined students to stay focused in the pursuit of their career and enjoined them to keep the right company.

The Vice Chancellor, Federal University Lokoja, Prof. Olayemi Akinwumi, in an interview, described Prof. Francisca’s Inaugural Lecture Presentation as one of the best since his assumption of Office as the VC of the prestigious Institution.

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Vice Chancellor, Federal University Lokoja, Prof. Olayemi Akinwumi
Vice Chancellor, Federal University Lokoja, Prof. Olayemi Akinwumi

Prof. Akinwumi explained that Professors in the Institution have been given ample opportunities to invite other Academicians to Inaugural Lectures as demonstrated by Prof. Francisca and others in the past, stressing that the Institution will compel others to do same in the days ahead.

“One thing I want them to understand is that there is no seniority in the Presentation of Inaugural Lecture in this Institution, once you are prepared, the stage will be yours

“Going forward as regards elective position in the University, if you have not presented Inaugural Lectures, we will not allow you to contest for any position, this is part of the Traditions of the University settings and we will revive it in FUL” he said.

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Prof. Tayo Arulogun of the Campalla International University, Uganda and his Team, described Professor Francisca’s Presentation as intelligent, beautiful and precise, saying that it also shows the way things should be done.

Prof. Tayo lamented that Africans generates a lot of data but don’t take ownership of them due to lack of preservation, calling on Researchers to borrow a leaf from the FUL 8th Inaugural Lecture and act swiftly.

Prof. Francisca Oladipo with Delegate from Uganda
Prof. Francisca Oladipo with Delegate from Uganda

Seasoned Academicians, Management Staff of the Institution, Student, among others, trooped to the venue of the 8th FUL Inaugural Lecture as they lauded the Presenter for her immense contributions to the academic growth of others.

@ FUL 8th Inaugural Lecture
@ FUL 8th Inaugural Lecture

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