Agege’s corrupt tenure as Delta SSG, a type of mace theft.

Deputy Senate President, Ovie Omo-Agege surrounded by police


By Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe Esq #pdpcmcmedia

He returned from the United States frustrated, dejected, broke and pale. His ordeal baffled his late father who was then Chief Judge of Delta State.

Deputy Senate President,  Ovie Omo-Agege surrounded by police
Deputy Senate President, Ovie Omo-Agege surrounded by police

All hands were on deck during Chief James Ibori administration to revive the socio-economic life of the son of a CJ, Augustine Ovie Omo-Agege Esq, who could no longer stay back in the United States after he was debarred from practicing law in America

His offence was that he lied on Oath and also forged the signature of his client, a grave criminal offence that the law profession does not treat with kid glove. He was subsequently shown the way out and never to robe in any court in the United States.

His Excellency, the governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori, as he then was, offered Agege appointment as Executive Assistant, a position he used arbitrarily and became even more powerful than some Commissioners.

He was alleged to have sold contracts to the highest bidders, corrupt to a fault and became wealthy within a short period of time.

Before you could say jack, he was appointed Commissioner and business as usual continued on a higher scale. Agege became so powerful that some fellow Commissioners bowed before him. His unscrupulous transactions and crude life style became embarrassing during his tenure as Secretary to Delta State Government, SSG.

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Agege, who is now calling Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa name, is indeed, one of the dreaded and most corrupt SSG in Delta State. His tenure was characterized by rampant bribe takin and/or kickbacks in local and foreign currencies. Some of his victims still hate him till date.

As soon as his SSG tenure came to an end, Agege jetted out to buy expensive mansion in the United States and Dubai. He then floated a company in Port Harcourt with stolen funds and began to scheme for the office of Governor of Delta State. Remember, Agege returned from America broke and frustrated.

Agege’s governorship bid in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, hit brick wall because of his arrogance, crude lifestyle, unscrupulous and criminal antecedents when he was EA, Commissioner and SSG. Party leaders in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, blocked his governorship ambition in 2014/2015. He moved from place to place like a sheep without shepherd until Chief Great Ogboru fell for his antics.

He needed Labour Party’s Delta Central Senatorial ticket which Ogboru gave him effortlessly with a promise to assist Ogboru in all ways possible to become governor of Delta State. Ogboru believed Agege’s fake promises and assurances, and both began to market Urhobo governorship agenda for Great Ogboru in 2015 and 2019.

Agege betrayed and back stabbed Ogboru politically in APC. He climbed through Ogboru’s Political ladder and set the ladder ablaze when he eventually became the Deputy Senate President through the instrumentality of mace theft.

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It turned out that the same Ogboru became a victim of the criminal proficiency of Agege, who can best be described as an “evil genius.”

Agege who committed the offence of perjury, criminally forged his client’s signature, sold contracts to highest bidders, stole mace at the national assembly and betrayed Chief Great Ogboru is the same person calling governor Okowa names everyday. Agege is a man without conscience. His conscience is dead and buried.

Agege should be reminded that governor Okowa never committed offence of perjury, did not forged his patients signature as a medical doctor, never sold contracts to the highest bidders, did not buy mansion in America and Dubai after his tenure as SSG and did not betray anybody to get the Vice Presidential ticket of PDP.

Okowa is far ahead of Agege in terms of integrity, pedigree, consummate and visionary leadership. Okowa is Agege’s boss in national politics. 2023 will justify Okowa and relegate Agege to the dustbin of political history

The BoT, the NEC and governors of PDP agreed that the presidential primary should be open to all so that the best and most popular candidate can emerge. Okowa was eminently qualified to run for the office of President but choose not to run. He was picked by the presidential candidate to be his running mate, just as Agege picked Rt Hon Ossai Osanebi as his running mate.

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And if Okowa were to support a Southern presidential aspirant, it could not have supported Alhaji Asiwaju Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress, APC, never.

It’s therefore suspicious for Agege to dramatize the Southern presidential candidacy, as if to say that Okowa ought to support the controversial Tinubu presidential candidacy. Tinubu should make all efforts to cure his brain disease. A sick man cannot cure the sickness of Nigeria. Tinubu is sick and Nigeria is sick.

Atiku-Okowa will reset Nigeria and restore her lost glory.

It’s obvious that Agege is not in the Governorship race to win, but to insult governor Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa. And each time he insults Okowa, he becomes less popular and hated by Deltans.

Agege has no political structure in Delta State. There are political contractors who hires crowd for him which can never translate to votes. The hired crowd are paid their stipends and it ends there. APC does not exist in Delta State.

Finally, the governorship candidate of PDP in Delta State, Rt Hon Oborevwori Sheriff Francis Orohwedor, has painted Delta Yellow. He shall retire Senator Ovie Omo-Agege and candidates of SDP and APGA from active politics in 2023.

PDP …5/5

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