“Israeli Should Acknowledge Palestine Right to Self Determination” – Palestine Envoy Cries Out

Palestine Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdullah Shawesh

By: Janet Samuel




Palestine Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdullah Shawesh, called on Israel to recognize and respect her right to self determination.


The Palestine envoy stated this while responding to questions from Newsmen during a media chat in Abuja.


Shawesh said the Rights of Palestinians have been trampled upon by Israel for too long, calling on the International Community to rise up to her statutory obligations.


The catastrophe between Israel and Palestine started over one hundred years ago, Palestine is simply about land, we are very interested in occupying our lands


“But Israel has failed to recognize our Rights and privileges, they have been dismantling our settlements and such is not ideal


“What Israel is doing to us is a criminal act by the International law, every powers that be should say no to it


“It is time the International Community make Israel to recognize the Rights of Palestinians 


“They have trampled on our Rights for too long, now we have the support of over 60 Countries, all asking Israel to let us be


“We can’t be occupying a small portion of land and our Right to life is not assured so, it is a thing that calls for International concern and we will stand tall to defend our Rights as Palestinians” the Palestine envoy added.

Palestine Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdullah Shawesh
Palestine Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdullah Shawesh


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