Al-Basheer Media Organisation Reacts To Unjustified Attacks on Nasarawa Speaker, Balarabe

Nasarawa Speaker, Rt. Hon Ibrahim Balarabe Abdullahi

Urges Ari to Settle Over 20 Months Backlog of Salaries and Allowances to his Secretariat Staffs



The Al-Basheer Media Organisation (AMO) has reacted to unguarded and misguided statements by one unknown Comrade, alleging that the Speaker, Nasarawa State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Ibrahim Balarabe Abdullahi is jealous of the achievements of the defeated member representing Nasarawa Federal Constituency at the National Assembly Hon.Muhammed Abdulmumini Ari.


“Ordinarily, we never wanted to engage in issues with the Hon. Ari’s attack dog whose identity is yet to be ascertained, but it has become imperative to clear the air as our vying for office is purely to represent the good people of Nasarawa/Toto Federal Constituency, which necessitate prompt reaction to any negative and retrogressive propaganda

“We will like to draw the attention of the so called Comrade that the Rt Hon Speaker Balarabe who is also a candidate in his Umaisha/Ugya constituency can not dabble into the affairs of another candidate, by financing the election or the litigation process of Hon Yarima Al-basheer.”

After all, Hon Balarabe has the constitutional rights as any other Nigerian to support any candidate whom he deemed fit to represent his people, even if he doesn’t want to support Hon. Ari .


We will like the so called comrade to recall possibly he is suffering from dementia or he selfishly choses to ignore the recent call recording that got leaked, how defeated Ari was heard saying vividly that he is sponsoring another candidate to challenge the candidacy of the Rt. Hon Speaker Balarabe.

In the recorded voice, Hon Ari categorically said, he will make sure he put the Hon Speaker in his rightful place by bringing him back to his senses. This is the height of hypocrisy to his fellow party man, and that is the reward that Rt. Hon Ibrahim Balarabe got from Ari after supporting him to become the National Assembly Member in 2019.

Hon Yarima Al-Basheer is a grounded politician, a grassroot mobilizer and above all a lone ranger who has principles and opinion of his own, he is not a man that could get maneuvered or cajoled into other peoples agenda like his opponent.


Hon Al-Basheer has track records decades of excellence in the political space of Nasarawa and Toto Federal Constituency and the state at large, this is an undisputable fact.

Nasarawa/Toto APC reps Candidate, Hon. Ahmed Yerima Al-basheer
Nasarawa/Toto APC reps Candidate, Hon. Ahmed Yerima Al-basheer

All the recent project that were sponsored by Hon Ari including the substandard road that was washed away by the rain were poorly executed due to pressure and desperation occasioned by the Hon Al-Basheer’s candidature.

Hon Yarima Al-basheer is the perfect replacement for Hon Ari’s ineptitude and non performance, and his family, friends and hundred of thousands of supporters are no longer behind him.

According to the statement by the the Al-Basheer Media Organisation, nobody is jealous of Hon Ari who won election on a platter of gold, riding on the goodwill of his late brother Hon Isa Ari of blessed memory (may his soul rest in peace) .

Infact, the people have spoken that they want to replace incompetency with progress and development, mediocre with great minds, vission less leaders with goal oriented and lastly misery with welfarism.

This haphazard write up done by the so called comrade is sponsored by selfish leaders, naysayers, and envy to promote resentment towards Rt. Hon Speaker Balarabe and Hon Yarima Al-basheer in which they could only try but will never thrive In Sha Allah.

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“We hereby say categorically, without any pride but with humility that Hon Yarima Al-basheer has been and will continue to finance his political campaigns and judicial processes single handedly without the interference of anybody.”

The unsuspecting general public should be wary of the tactics of politicians and their cohorts (the so called comrade) all these are signs of defeat and jittery starring them on the face.

The good people of Nasarawa and Toto Federal Constituency should remain resolute and ensure they replace ineptitude with competence and not seat warmers who lack progressive ideals to represent them at National Assembly.

In conclusion, we are calling on
Hon Ari to as a matter of urgency settled the over 20 months backlog of salaries and allowances unpaid to his Constituency Secretariat staffs including his Ward coordinators, cleaners and gardeners rather than concentrating on paying huge amount to lawyers and Judges to upturned judgement to his favor.

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