2023: “The Wheels of Development in Esan Central and Esanland is Irreversible” – Rt. Hon. Engr. Victor Sabor


The good People of Esan Central Local Government Area and Esanland in general, I GREET YOU ALL. May I announce to you that I AM NOTHING BUT A PENCIL IN THE HANDS OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD.


God has in the past used me to design a path for us to follow, but some of us allowed the enemies to disunite us and have their ways. We can recall that before I came into politics, our representatives had nothing to show as their achievements for representing us, but I changed that narrative.

Chief Victor Sabor Tiger EDOROR Mnse

Chief Victor Sabor Tiger EDOROR Mnse

My people of Esan Central and Esanland, HEAR ME:- Our collective destiny is in our hands, let us ensure we get it right this time…. Join me as God perfects what concerns us and our generation.

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The wheels of development in Esan central and Esanland is irreversible.


Rt. Hon. Engr. Chief Victor Sabor Tiger EDOROR Mnse

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