Ex-Toto LG Chair, Hon. (Prince) Adamu Dauda asks Toto LG populace to Vote APC for accelerated progress, developments.

Ex- Executive Chairman of Toto LGC, Hon. Prince Nuhu Adamu Dauda

A frontline All Progressives Congress, APC, grassroot politician and immediate past executive Chairman of Toto Local Government Area, Honourable (Prince) Nuhu Adamu Dauda has made a compassionate appeal to the people of Toto LGA on the need to sustain development at all levels.

Prince Nuhu is among notable critical stakeholders touring Umaisha development area as part of effort to ensure total victory for the Rt. Hon. Speaker of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly, Alhaji Ibrahim Balarabe Abdullahi and All Progressives, APC, candidates in the February 25th and March 11 elections in the area.

Below were his exact statement:

My dear people of our Land, my dear people of our historic Opanda Chiefdom in it’s real name, my dear people of Umaisha Development Area, my dear people of Umaisha/Ugya State (Assembly) Constituency, my dear people of Toto LGA, the time is now and, now!

In every society, there must be a leader to lead the affairs of such society to enviable heights. Every home must have a leader and every aspect of societal life must have a leader ( an able, capable and credible leader).

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It is expected that such leaders are obeyed in order to attain the desired standards. Leaders could be of tradition, religion, politics, government, family, community, legislative, judiciary, or take it to be any aspect of societal endeavour.

Those societies that obey their leaders are always the successful. There is no society that is expected to grow positively in the face of disobedience and lack of respect for leaders. Allah has wisdom in His choice of leadership regarding societal endeavours. Obeying them is obeying Allah and acting otherwise means disobeying Allah which signifies absence of good moral teachings or refusal to make use of them and this could be epidemic to the society. Over time (in the past), we cried of coordinated leadership to coordinate our affairs and, today, we have one.

Yesterday, it was someone else during which we rolled down tears that we were not lucky. We hadn’t any leader to link us with the government at which time we said that we were not blessed. We didn’t have anyone then to collaborate with the head of government to save our dear local government from the evil hands of terror in the face of any deadly crises. My people, how soon have we forgotten that we had passed through deadly periods that almost took Toto Local Government away from us?

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Today, the government of the day (APC) has provided the desired security machineries to make and sustain PEACE for our dear TOTO LGA to develop and remain competitive with her counterpart local governments.

No society progresses or develops desirably in the face of deadly crises. Let us compare our local government of yesterday and of today and caution ourselves against evil heads, ears, eyes, tongues and, hands. The time is now! It is time for all of us to know those who truly love our dear local government in the in-depth of their hearts and identify ourselves with them.

Speaker Nasarawa State House of Assembly Rt. Hon. Ibrahim Balarabe Abdullahi address electorates in riverine community
Speaker Nasarawa State House of Assembly Rt. Hon. Ibrahim Balarabe Abdullahi address electorates in riverine community

It is time to disregard the ideas and advice of those who pretend to be loving this local government, but, whose actions speak otherwise and are intended towards causing confusion and resetting the Area to the level and the standard of BAD yesterday. May Allah forbid. Save the Leader! Save Toto LGA! Save NSHA Speaker! Save Nasarawa State! May Allah bless H. E. The Governor of Nasarawa State, Engr Abdullahi A. Sule who in collaboration with the leadership of the State Assembly and the Traditional Council in Toto LGA and all the necessary Government Agencies for taking Toto LGA to where it is today for good.

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May Allah bless Toto LGA and our dear Nasarawa State and the country, Nigeria! A a m e e n ! A a m e e n ! A a m e e n ! Vote APC for accelerated progress and positive developments.

Hon. Prince Nuhu Adamu Dauda (Stakeholder). And immediate past Executive Chairman Toto LGC.


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