Do Not Set Dangerous Precedence, Whatever is Done Today, Remain History – CDR Omodara Caution Owe Renewal Team

Commander Jerry Omodara

The Security Adviser to Kogi State Government, Commander Jerry Omodara, has cautioned a group under the aegis of Owe Renewal Team (ORT) over what he termed a dangerous trend following a letter being circulated by the Group as regard the forthcoming House of Assembly elections in Kabba-Bunu District.


CDR Omodara in a statement, explained that the move by the group is not only sad, but absurd and a foundation for disunity among the good people of Kabba and Bunu Districts.


The statement Titled: “DANGEROUS TREND BY OWE RENEWAL TEAM, A NOTE OF CAUTION!“, the State Security Adviser explained in detail how the House of Assembly seat in the Area has been rotated in the past years, calling on the Group to desist from her actions capable of truncating the peace being enjoyed in the Area.


The statement read:

“My attention has been drawn to a series of organized meetings by some groups in Kabba ostensibly to drum support for Kabba Candidate and vote against Bunu Candidates in the upcoming State Assembly Election on Saturday 18 March, 2023. It initially sounded like a rumour, until I received a letter purportedly written to some traditional rulers and stakeholders by Owe Renewal Team (ORT) and signed by one Dayo Omole, Coordinator of the Team


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The content of the letter is a clear indication of an uninformed position by the group, where it was specifically stated that “the Group has made up our mind that the seat of Kabba Bunu Constituency Kogi State House of Assembly is a must win by Owe land going by the voting trend in the receiving concluded – General Election where our sons lost out”


The group further stated thus; “for this reason, we are coming to appeal for your esteem royal support and blessing for the emergence of our own son Hon Deji Olumudi, ADC Candidate Kabba-Bunu Constituency, Kogi State House of Assembly”


“This is not only sad but absurd, and a foundation for disunity among the good people of Kabba and Bunu Districts. Let me state categorically that there are two offices rotated or shared between Kabba and Bunu Districts, they are the House of Assembly and Chairmanship of the LGA


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 Below is a summary of how the House of Assembly has been occupied in the past years:

1999 – 2003 ~ Hon. James Olumorin (Kabba) = 4years

2003 – 2007 ~ Hon. Alfred Bello (Kabba) = 4years

2007 – 2011 ~ Hon. Jethro Funsho (Kabba) = 4years

2011 – 2015 ~ Hon. Nathaniel Taiwo (Bunu) = 4years

2015 – 2023 ~ Hon. Mathew Kolawole (Kabba) = 8years.


“Suffice to say that out of the 24 years of representation in the House of Assembly, Bunu has only 4 years and Kabba 20 years

As a critical stakeholder in Bunu, I have discussed with several Bunu leaders and reached out to notable Kabba leaders also, the position of Owe Renewal Team has not been denied by the group or refuted by leaders of Owe.  


“It is good to sound a note of warning that whatever is done today, remains history tomorrow. Bunu people will ensure we reach out to various stakeholders in Kabba, however, we will take every necessary steps to ensure we also relate with any groups or Associations that voted for Bunu Candidate in the said House of Assembly Election come 18 March, 2023


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“It is pertinent to state that I speak the mind of Bunu people, the decision and outcome of the Election will decide several other things in our dealings in future Elections, and indeed on other matters. We consider the decision of the Owe Renewal Team as absurd, uncivilized and a deliberate attempt to cause disharmony between the good people of Kabba and Bunu District.  


“We therefore call on the group, particularly Mr. Dayo Omole to come out before the Election and speak against that stand. Otherwise, the said letter will be widely circulated after the Election and become a reference point for several other things to come.


“We are aware that the said letter went to traditional rulers, associations and individuals. We call on the National President, Kabba Development Union (KDU) to urgently speak for or against the stand of Owe Renewal Team. If such position is adopted by Owe people, then why do we challenge or canvass for Power Shift in the State and Nigeria?”


Commander Jerry Omodara FSS (Rtd)

State Security Adviser

Stakeholder Bunu District

Commander Jerry Omodara
Commander Jerry Omodara

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