“Conservation of Natural Resources Improves Quality of Human Life” – Prof. Dauda

By: Joshua Adinoyi


Nigerians have been called upon to ensure the preservation of natural resources to enable them enjoy quality life.


A Professor of Wildlife Conservation and Ecology, Professor Dauda Tanko, made the call at the 11th Inaugural Lecture of the Federal University Lokoja which centered on “Conservation for Sustainable Economic Development In a Post COVID-19 Era: Dress it, and Keep it, for this is the whole Duty of Man”.


While making reference to the Bible in Genesis 1:26 and Genesis 2:15, Professor Dauda noted that Conservation is a divine injunction, explaining that Nigeria’s prosperity and economic development is tied to the divine injunction of dressing and keeping the biodiversity.

Prof. Dauda Tanko explained that biodiversity is critical to the maintenance of a healthy environment, affords life support system, provides direct benefits such as food, medicines, and energy, among others.

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“If we obey everything that is written in the holy books, God promised that He will make our ways prosperous. So I am concluding that the prosperity of Nigeria and that of individual is tied to obeying the first instruction of God which is Dress it and Keep it

“If you destroy the Biodiversity you are destroying yourself, because you will wake up one day you want to build a house theres no timber to roof, you need food to eat there will be no food and so biodiversity forms the building blocks of life” he explained.

He noted that the benefits of wildlife/biodiversity in economic development cannot be overemphasized, stressing that the problems of wildlife management include porching, bush burning, illegal grazing, inadequate finance, insecurity among others.

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Prof. Tanko said restriction of hunting, provision of refuge, Captive/Artificial Stocking, will go a long way at protecting wildlife in the Country for various benefits.

Vice Chancellor of the Federal University Lokoja, Prof. Olayemi Akinwumi, said Inaugural Lectures has come to stay in the Institution, and assured of his administration’s resolve to continue to hold the standard of the University to high esteem.

“This administration recognises the importance of diversification and collaboration as essential ingredients for achieving our vision of unprecedented progress for the University within a short period

“Collaboration has been a driving force in increasing competence and promoting our academic culture which has led us to the eleventh Inaugural Lecture

“We have touched all areas of our ten point agenda in the first two years of my adminstration and we are committed to maintaining the pace as we strive to achieve more and exceed all expectations” Prof. Akinwumi assured.


It was a humourous, yet impacting Lecture, as Prof. Tanko carried the audience along during his Presentation at the Multipurpose Hall of the University in Adankolo,Lokoja, Kogi State Capital.

Participants were relaxed with smiles on their faces, as though the Lecture should not come to an end.

Highlight of the event include presentation of Award of honor to Professor Dauda by the University and presentation of gifts by other well wishers.

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