The story of my journey as a Journalist can never be complete without mentioning the Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Dr. Raymond Dokpesi.


I came into DAAR as a Professional Secretary, attached to HRD, and later moved to Newsroom as a practising Journalist. Some organisations do not and will never allow it but DAAR Comm. does it.


DAAR Comm. for many of us that joined in the early stage in 2000, we are called family because we did everything together to make the station grow with the help of one man, DR. Dokpesi who gave all to build thousands of Journalists today.

Few came to kick start Raypower and AIT but many sprung out to become owners of TV and Radio stations, some joined other stations, all because of Dr. Raymond.

He watched from afar, discovered you and picked you to be useful to yourself and the society at large.

As a grown young lady in my early twenties, I love to be a voice for my immediate society, Ebiraland, I did not know how to go about it until a friend told me a Secretary is needed in DAAR, Alagbado, then I left the Travelling Agency Company I was, to join DAAR.

I was glad to have the job. I began to work and train for the task ahead to become a voice for the voiceless.

I went through series of professional trainings because I want to understand the rudiments. Guess what! Approval was given to me and training fees were returned to me. Kai. What a kind mentor and father!

I returned after all pieces of training, I was promoted and made the head of the Welfare Department in Human Resources Development for many years during which I was presenting a program on Raypower, tagged Ebiravabe, Dr. Raymond through his full capacity leaders approved it.

Ebiravabe became the first among the usual Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa programmes on Raypower, Agenebode free of charge. What a kind man!

This also became the first of its kind in Ebiraland before the advent of tao FM.
I am grateful to him forever because many were blessed through Ebiravabe Program.

After my many training including attending the Almighty FRCN now NBA two times, I was ready, then transferred to the Newsroom proper where everything and anything can happen.

On one occasion when I was on night duty, Dr. Raymond Dokpesi in his usual routine check for better delivery because News must not fail, met only a few of us in the newsroom, and even when he was expressing displeasure on allowing only the junior staff man the production that night, he expressed gratitude to us for not disappointing him and the management. Those who knew him well, knew what happened next.

Many of his actions were to make the station better and to give us a boost to always deliver our best even as we continue to learn.

Today, the rest is history. I am where I am today because one man, who had the money, did not think of himself alone or that of his immediate family but invested in an industry that has restored hope to many Nigerians, broke the barrier to be the first to pursue the deregulation of the broadcast industry. And today, we have hundreds of independent broadcast station owners. All kudos to Dr. Dokpesi Anthony Aleogho Raymond (DAAR).

We cannot thank you enough. I am sure even in heaven, you will be welcomed and be told well-done son, for providing a means of livelihood to many. You have done well. Come and rest.

I cannot end this without a recall of when we used to attend Agenebode for all celebrations. You provided all our needs at the event and joined us, your Employees to dine, wine and dance with us. You do not treat people based on their financial status or background. You always followed your heart.

You were such a kind and easygoing man who never takes nonsense or excuses to do what is supposed to be done. You love good things and originality and you were African to the core.

Today, I am a better me made worthy to serve my State in the capacity of Senior Special Assistant SSA to Kogi State Governor, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello, on Electronic Media.

Thank God! You made AIT/Raypower for all. Remain honoured even in your death.

I am grateful sir. May the family you left behind be protected. May the business you left behind never go liquidated and may your family continue to project what you stand for.

Rest in peace, the Trailblazer of our time. High Chief Dr. Raymond Dokpesi.

I am your Sincerely Employee,

Hon. Billie Avoyi Nwogu,
SSA to Kogi State Gov. On Electronic Media
Kogi State Govt. House, Lokoja


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