Kogi State Signage and Advertisement Agency

It has come to the attention of the Kogi State Signage and Advertisement Agency that Bill boards and posters are being erected and pasted without proper authorization and approval from the Agency. These bill boards are erected by business owners, support groups, religious organizations, political parties, etc.

It is imperative to note some of the key roles of the Agency which are but not limited to:

i. Controlling outdoor structures to be used for Signage and Advertisment;

ii. Issuing licences and permits for the construction of placement of outdoor structures in any part of the State;

iii. Protecting the Environment from potential adverse impact from visual blights;

iv. Controlling the number, size and location of outdoor structures.

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Kogi State Signage and Advertisement Agency
Kogi State Signage and Advertisement Agency

Stemming from some of the duties and responsibilities of the Agency as outlined above, it is expedient for the General public to be fully aware that the Agency reserves the right to protect the environment and ensure that outdoor structures do not pose any risk to the good people of Kogi State particularly motorists.

The Agency has noticed with dismay that most of these billboards are erected without due consideration for the environment and proper assessment of the location by the Agency. This flagrant disregard has however brought about environmental hazards such as blockage of drainage,erosion, etc. It also poses a great risk to motorists as some of these billboards exist in locations and spots where vehicular movement is greatly hampered.

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Furthermore, many of these billboards have been erected without following laid down procedures and proper channels as prescribed by the Law.

The General Public is hereby put on notice that all billboards that have been erected without proper authorization will be pulled down from the 7th day of August, 2023. This is pursuant to the provisions of Section 34(1) (3) of the Kogi State Signage and Advertisment Law,2022 which states thus:

34(1):  Effective from the date of commencement of this Law, all owners and operators of existing structures shall complete and submit the prescribed registration form with the Agency and apply for the permits required by this Law;

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(3): Where an existing structure is not registered within a period of one month following the enactment of this Law, the Agency shall give 7 days’ notice before it deems it fit to direct the removal of same at the expense of the owner.

The General Manager of the Agency, Honorable Richard Osaseyi by this notice calls on the General public, particularly Business owners, political parties and Religious bodies to comply fully and strictly with the Law and the rules of outdoor advertising as the Agency is committed to carrying out its mandate no matter whose ox is gored.

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Hon. Richard Osaseyi,

General Manager,

Kogi State Signage and Advertisment Agency


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