Bello Ambassadors Network Felicitates with Prince Shaibu Audu on Ministerial Nomination, Successful Screening

Prince Shuaibu Audu

Bello Ambassadors Network Felicitates with Prince Shuaibu Audu on Ministerial Nomination, Successful Screening

In a gesture of warm felicitation, a socio-political group, Bello Ambassadors Network (BAN) has sent its congratulatory message to Prince Shuaibu Audu following his nomination by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu as a ministerial designate, representing Kogi State.

The announcement of Shuaibu’s nomination was made public on Wednesday when President Tinubu forwarded the names of his second batch of ministerial appointees to the Senate for confirmation. He was subsequently screened by the red chamber on Friday.

Hailing the nomination as a significant achievement, BAN expresses its pride in Prince Shuaibu Audu, lauding him as a young and vibrant banker with an impressive record as a technocrat. The group believes that his extensive experience and dedication to public service will make him an invaluable asset in contributing to the growth and development of Kogi State and Nigeria as a whole.


BAN also commends Governor Yahaya Bello and for his judicious choice in nominating Prince Shuaibu Audu, noting its principal, Gov. Bello is a lover of the youth and a rewarder of good works. The network recognizes the immense responsibility that comes with such a nomination and expresses its unwavering confidence in Shuaibu’s ability to excel in his new role.

“Prince Shuaibu Audu’s nomination is a testament to the talent and potential that our young citizens possess,” stated the national coordinator of BAN, Anthony Edogbo.

“We are not surprised by the emergence of Prince Shuaibu Audu. We know that Governor Yahaya Bello is a lover of excellence which Shaibu is known for.

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Prince Shuaibu Audu
Prince Shuaibu Audu

“We firmly believe that he will serve as a source of inspiration and motivation to the youth of Nigeria, showcasing what can be achieved through dedication and commitment to service.

The nomination of Prince Shuaibu Audu marks a milestone in the empowerment of the Nigerian youth and underscores the commitment of the nation’s leaders to recognize and harness young talent. As Nigeria continues to strive for progress and inclusivity, the BAN remains optimistic that Shuaibu’s tenure as a ministerial designate will be characterized by groundbreaking initiatives and positive change,” Edogbo added.

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