WHD 2023: “Humanity Deserves Better And We Have The Capacity To Make It Better!” – CEO, Sister-To-Sister

CEO/Founder, Sister-To-Sister, Dr. Mary Alile (CAPACITY)

One of the stiffest fundamental part of a humane society is ”what positive impact we have on our immediate society”. Impact a life from your stead today and see the world grow and change for the better.

CEO/Founder, Sister-To-Sister, Dr. Mary Alile (CAPACITY)
CEO/Founder, Sister-To-Sister, Dr. Mary Alile (CAPACITY)

In total commitment and ever elevated desire to help make our Regular Society/Nigeria/World better, I, DR. MRS. MARY ALILE, CEO/Founder, Sister-To-Sister Worldwide; join hands with DR. BETTA EDU, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation; in the good course of lifting those in need from their degrading state.

“Humanity deserves better, and we have the capacity to make it better!”

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Dr. Mrs. Mary Alile, (CAPACITY), CEO/Founder, Sister-To-Sister Worldwide


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