Homecoming Reception: APC National Women Leader Appreciates Edo State Citizens For Show Of Love

APC National Women Leader, Dr. Mary Alile Idele (CAPACITY)

On Thursday, 31st August, 2023, there was a lighting atmosphere in Benin City, Edo State – a homecoming Reception to honour a daughter of the soil, my humble self, Dr. Mrs. Mary Alile (CAPACITY), the newly appointed All Progressives Congress – APC National Women Leader, as I was largely welcomed by Edo State APC faithfuls, friends and well-wishers at the Benin City airport.

It was a warm reception and I was overwhelmed and felt loved by my own people. I will in turn express my deepest appreciation by saying:

‘THANK YOU’ to everyone in Edo State who has shown their support from my inauguration into Office to the homecoming welcome party. The reception was overwhelming, and I still feel goosebumps over the love you all have shown me.

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APC National Women Leader, Dr. Mary Alile Idele (CAPACITY)
APC National Women Leader, Dr. Mary Alile Idele (CAPACITY)

I will make a special mention of the Edo State APC leaders and its Council that pulled a tremendous string in organizing a fantastic homecoming party – THANK YOU!. The leaders of my village ward, Iyoba, thank you for your unwavering support and love all the while. The Edo State Women Leader and Edo State Deputy Women Leader, and every other woman present – THANK YOU!. My heartfelt appreciation also goes out to ‘Sister-To-Sister Worldwide’, and all other NGOs present – THANK YOU!.

To Hon. Pius Alile, my lovely and amiable husband, and Hon. Pius Alile Coalition Initiative – I say THANK YOU!.

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“I will make good use of my Office to make light the course of women in politics. This, I promise”.
Once again, I say a big THANK YOU 🙏

Dr. Mrs. Mary Alile (CAPACITY),
APC National Women Leader.


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