Dr. Mary Alile Idele (CAPACITY); A Woman With A Good Heart – By: Ibrahim Alkasim

APC National Women Leader, Dr. Mary Alile Idele (CAPACITY)

Dr. Mary Alile Idele, the National Women Leader of the All Progressives Congress APC, has many fantastic qualities. She is approachable, dependable, trustworthy, humble, proactive and she is always there for her people.

Dr. Mary has proven herself to be a Leader of high ethics and morality. She is a Leader anyone could ask for. We are very proud of her.

Dear APC NWL, you are an exemplary leader for future generations who wish to follow the world of politics. You have been a role model and an example of selflessness given to this generation. We are proud to say that you are a Leader worthy to be emulated.

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You make each day special just by being yourself around others. You illuminate the darkest moments in the lives of people through your acts of generosity. You are kind and your care for humanity is second to none.

APC National Women Leader, Dr. Mary Alile Idele (CAPACITY)
APC National Women Leader, Dr. Mary Alile Idele (CAPACITY)

Having such kind hearted and a worthwhile woman like you is a divine blessing from above. That is why we always hold you in a very high esteem and admiration.

God will continue to bless and uplift you more (AMEN).

Ibrahim Alkasim,

A Loyalist of Dr. Mary Alile Idele (CAPACITY),

APC National Women Leader


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