Agada’s Desperation Won’t Change Our Decision—Says Kogi East PDP Caucus

Capt. Joe Agada

Agada’s Desperation Won’t Change Our Decision—Says Kogi East PDP Caucus

Kogi East PDP caucus firmly states that Agada’s desperation will not sway their decision, emphasizing their commitment to a smooth state congress.

They urge Agada to demonstrate sportsmanship and respect the democratic process instead of resorting to destructive behavior and attacks.

The caucus expressed unwavering confidence in their chosen candidates, calling for all party members to rally behind them for the party’s greater good.

In a statement signed by Alhaji Ibrahim Dansoho, the caucus admonished Capt. Joe Agada to cease his vitriolic attacks on party leaders and accept their collective decision.

They criticized Agada’s conduct, questioning his leadership capacity.

Capt. Joe Agada
Capt. Joe Agada

The decision to support Enemona Anyebe and Hon. Tony Amego as consensus candidates was reached unanimously in a meeting attended by key party leaders like Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, Engr. Musa Wada, Hon. Humphrey Abba, and Sen. Nicholas Ugbane. The meeting allowed all aspirants to present their cases.

Agada’s media attacks on Alhaji Ibrahim Idris were condemned as signs of frustration and desperation.

The caucus warned him to accept their decision, reiterating that the Kogi State PDP chairman’s selection is solely in their hands.

The caucus also accused Agada of impersonation and forgery, citing evidence of forged signatures and names in a petition without consent. They warned him to prepare for the consequences of his actions.

The caucus reaffirmed their support for Enemona Anyebe and Hon. Tony Amego, urging party members to stay united and focused on the future.

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