Benue State, Governor Hyacinth Alia


By Mson Fachir

It is now crystal clear to Benue people that they voted in the wrong man to be their governor at this time. The man called Hyacinth Alia is a fake man. Alia lies and deceives people to get advantage in all aspects of life. Even in the church, he was a fake priest.

Alia is also a very corrupt man. In all the places he served as a priest, there are records of his mismanagement of funds and embezzlement to build mansions for himself and his numerous women and children. But never he built any structures for the church!

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He lied even after he was suspended by Bishop Williams Avenya on 22nd May, 2022. Alia told his supporters that the Bishop only gave him permission to go and contest the 2023 governorship election. And the gullible ones believed his falsehood.

As a priest, Alia had no regard for his superiors and always tried to set them up against the congregation any time he was sanctioned over his immoral conduct with female parishioners. While he was at Anum, the Catholic Church opposite Benue State University gate, a lady who had a child for him petitioned Bishop Wilfred Anagbe. There were several similar petitions and complaints against Alia that the Bishop had no choice than to suspend him from parish activities. He was later transferred out of the parish.

Alia is a fraudulent man! He faked healing masses and deceived many unsuspecting people in the 1990s and early 2000s with arranged “miracles” of healing of sick people. Till today, he can’t point to anyone who is a well known person in any part of Benue State who was cured by his “healing miracles”. The good thing is that the church soon discovered his fake life and many people stopped attending his “healing masses”.

The man is not here as governor to genuinely serve the state. He is serving himself. He is capable of selling Benue and pocketing the proceeds. Look at what he did with the palliatives that President Tinubu released to the state. All other states shared the palliatives to their people but Alia said nothing. He used the money to bribe his way in the courts. After that, he used part of the N5 billion to buy old and refurbished buses for Benue Links. Those buses have been breaking down on the roads everyday.

President Tinubu recently released N50 billion to Benue and four other states facing insecurity but Alia is saying nothing about the state’s share of the money.

Two civil groups wrote petitions to EFCC and other anti-corruption agencies to indict Governor Alia of embezzling N66 billion of public funds in just six months in office. Now, he is desperately trying to stop the trial of his appointees whom he uses to siphon the money.

Alia awards road contracts to El-Rufai’s company without due process. He is using the projects to reimburse his chief election sponsor, the diminutive former Kaduna governor. El-Rufai’s company is the one handling the road constructions in Makurdi which cost is highly inflated. From N6 billion to N9 billion in less than two weeks without a state cabinet in place. The underpasses he is claiming to be building in Makurdi and Gboko are also conduit pipes for siphoning funds. Nothing will come out of those projects.

The Bible says in the book of Luke 16:10-14 thus: “Whoever can be trusted with small things can also be trusted with big things. Whoever is dishonest in little things will be dishonest in big things too.”

Benue people were warned about this man by those who knew him before he aspired to be governor, but the people refused to listen. Today, nothing is working. Alia is running the state like a sole administrator. He has sealed all accounts of ministries and agencies of government and is the only one withdrawing huge amounts from the accounts. People outside the state are mocking us by calling our state “St Benue Parish”. But this man was not trusted by the church to run a parish as parish priest, so how did Benue people think that he would handle a big entity like a state?

We cannot trust this former priest. He is a dishonest man. To lie against the church that gave him a name and honour means he is highly fraudulent and criminal minded. No man who took the sacred oath to serve God all his life but later violated that sacred oath and has gone on to lie against the body of Christ deserves to lead even a group of slaves.

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