APC congresses mar by violence, Agbonayinma, Idahosa, clash over who to lead party in Ikpoba-Okha

All Progressive Congress, APC.

APC congresses mar by violence, Agbonayinma, Idahosa, clash over who to lead party in Ikpoba-Okha

…Loyalists in deep confusion, threaten to dump APC for PDP

By Aristole Odigie.

All is not well with Ikpoba-Okha All Progressives Congress, APC, with the leadership struggle between EJ Agbonayinma and Osarobo Idahosa continues to degenerate to a war zone.

On Saturday, it was not an exception as a meeting, which was held to finalize the leadership issue between the duo degenerated to a bloody fight, which had residents and onlookers scamper for safety, vehicles, valuables destroyed.

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EJ Agbonayinma is head over heel, fighting to take over leadership of the APC in Ikpoba-Okha, while Osarobo Idahosa, whom many seem to be comfortable with is not having it easy defeating EJ.

Many have said EJ is not on ground and has no electoral value in Ikpoba-Okha, as he is only seen during elections; “after losing election, EJ disappears and you won’t see him until next election, how can he lead us”, a youth loyal to Osarobo queried.

Whereas the actual cause of their brawl hasn’t been confirmed, it cannot however be unconnected with the struggle for leadership between EJ Agbonayinma and Osarobo Idahosa, a situation many Party loyalists have said will hinder their performance in the forthcoming poll.

“If they’re not able to settle themselves, we will move to the PDP and give our votes to the PDP; how do they expect us to make any headway with this kind of confusion; in fact, we are leaving the Party this very moment”, a group of dissatisfied youths have said.

Many party loyalists have threatened to leave the party and join force with the PDP if the leadership tussle remains unresolved.

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There is however, no resolution in sight on the leadership tussle between EJ and Idahosa as both Party’s appear unwilling to sheath their swords; as they have vowed to continue the fight “until the right thing is done”.

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