Edo 2024: I believe in Asue

Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Governorship candidate in Edo State, Asue Ighodalo Esq,

Edo 2024: I believe in Asue

By Kingsley Ohens.

From day one that Bar. Asue Ighodalo was unveiled to succeed Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki come November 2024, he has maintained a high sense of responsibility, shown respect to the leadership of the party and tenaciously held that Edo State must make progress.

He has consistently reminded us in many foras that “peace is a commodity that you can’t buy in the market”, hence, we must practice and make peace dwell in the state.

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Most worthy of note, he has never for once engaged in name-calling and backbiting in front or behind camera.

Have you heard him lunch or cast aspersions on any one directly or by proxy? No. This shows his level of maturity.

As a well grounded professional, an entrepreneur, business man and grassroots politician who believes in his closeness and relationships. He has shown total humility to all and sundry irrespective of age, class and status.

It could be recalled that throughout the preliminary days of consultations, he concentrated on his strength, promised what he can do and advised all to make an informed decision. He neither engaged in name-dropping nor indulged in firing political bullet on other aspirants.

His spirit of fairplay was obvious and his trust in his persuasive prowess was made dominant.

Thus, the harvest of attacks, blackmails and side-kicking to dislodge him from the race has been too disturbing, yet he has remained calm, focused and dedicated to the pursuit of his mission to lead Edo State.

I may not have direct, accurate and fine words to describe how he would transform Edo State if elected as the governor that will satisfy the hunger and taste in the throat of the masses but one thing is sure, he has delivered on his private capacity.

I believe strongly in capacity of Dr Asue Ighodalo because he has the interest of the state at heart. Many of his kinds, mates and contemporaries establish, fund and built business empires that crashed but that of Asue Ighodalo have grown bigger and stronger.


If in his private capacities with paucity of funds, he made all these happen, then, what do you think he will do when he is elected to manage the resources of the state? Your guess is as good as mine.

A support for Dr Asue Ighodalo is a support for peace, prosperity and uninterrupted development. A vote for the candidacy of Dr Asue Ighodalo/Bar. Osarodion Ogie of PDP would mean a ticket to youth inclusion in the scheme of things and empowerment for the majority of Edo citizens.


His humility, simple disposition coupled with spirit of enterprise will attract meaningful foreign direct investment to the state and the state will be better for it.

Make no mistakes, the Divine’s hands are involved and we can’t question the decision of the Most High at this time.

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