Edo 2024: LP has been Destroyed Beyond Redemption — By Elempe Dele

Barr. Olumide Akpata of LP

Edo 2024: LP has been Destroyed Beyond Redemption — By Elempe Dele

When Peter Obi joined the Labour Party, LP, after leaving the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, he garnered supporters across party lines in Nigeria, as well as apolitical individuals. The Obidient Movement was birthed.

The party became a mass movement for disenchanted Nigerians who wanted an alternative to the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, which was in the bad books of Nigerians due to the diabetic performance of President Buhari. Unfortunately, owing to party politics, inability to penetrate the core north, time factor, and other sundry factors, Obi lost the presidential election.

Since then, the Edo State chapter of LP, which was forcefully inherited by Olumide ‘Osaigbovo’ Akpata, has been embroiled in one kata kata or the other. First, Olumide bamboozled the party with so much funds they have never seen before to the extent most few members left were overwhelmed.

The National Chairman, Bar Julius Abure, was said to have favoured an Esan aspirant in the person of Bar Ken Immasuagbon, AKA Rice Man. However, Olumide had captured the delegates, which led to the exit of some of the aspirants notably Dr Dorry Okojie and Pastor Azemhe Azena.

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Before the primary election, Bar Julius Abure was arrested and humiliated, and it was said to have been orchestrated by Olumide behind the scene. I remember the protestations of Immasuagbon that was publicized even if it didn’t amount to anything meaningful; the delegates collected one thousand Dollars each to vote against their conscience. As we speak, Immasuagbon is still battling the case in the media and in court.

Today, the once promising LP in Edo State has become a party of troubles – thanks to ‘Osaigbovo’. The party is now plagued with stress and strife since he joined the party. This is what happens when you forcefully hijack a party once seen as an alternative – and in the process bullying anyone one that stands your way.

The LP has two governorship candidates; while one is at the moment officially recognized by the Independence National Electoral Commission, INEC, the other is battling his case in court to reclaim his mandate. As if that is not enough, the party also has a caretaker chairman recognized by the national body, and an illegal chairman recognized by Olumide.

LP is in serious crisis in Edo State, no doubt, and it has a very laughable motto; FORWARD NEVER, CRISIS EVER – thanks to ‘Osiagbovo’.

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