Edo 2024: Prioritising Political Competence over Sheer Mediocrity in Governance

Edo PDP Gov'ship candidate, Dr. Asue Ighodalo

Edo 2024: Prioritising Political Competence over Sheer Mediocrity in Governance

….A Categorical Imperative For Edo People than just a Choice

By Comrade Bobby Eghosa Obayuwana

According to the words of the Famous Greek Philosopher, Plato in his book “The Republic”, he opined that the Consequences of Bad Leadership are as a result of the people being Governed or ruled by inferiors which underscores the fact that the Value of Qualitative Leadership can only come out from CONSISTENCY, CONTINUITY AND CONSOLIDATION OF GOOD WORKS as well as the already existing legacies of the outgoing MEGA administration which PRODUCTIVE MINDS LIKE DR. ASUE IGHODALO can bring into tangible realities to the benefits and betterment of the Good People of Edo State and for the Prosperity of Edo Sociopolitical Landscape.

Edo State does not deserve to be under the leadership of a no brainer like AKPAKOD7 who is already pledging loyalty to his failed leaders and cannot even express himself in public due to his mental stagnancy and old style of Retrogressive politics.


This is because the worst form of modern tyranny in any Democratic Dispensation is to have Mediocre in Governance who would never serve the interest of their people but only that of their cabals which Edo People never want to be part of.

From Talk To Action: Asue Ighodalo’s Pioneering Youth-Centric Governance Approach

Further the existing reality from the Draconian Economic Policies and harsh political leadership at the Federal Level of Nigeria’s Nascent Democracy which does not in any way alleviate the daily sufferings of the Common Man in the streets is enough reasons for Edo People not to risk their political future who lacks the economic wisdom to pulverise the current state of hunger and starvation of the Masses who do not even have the strength to complain anymore met alone read the Old National Anthem that was recently passed into law by the Bunch of Political Jokers in National Assembly as if such Statute or Act of Parliament would salvage the current situation we now find ourselves in the Land of Mother Nigeria.

This is testament to the fact that we should never our Political Patrimony and mandate to those who gamble with our intelligence to install their stooges in power just to keep mismanaged our resources, amassing wealth for themselves and families while looking for animals that they keep in the museum and not minding the effect that such actions would have on the Good People of Edo State.

In a nutshell, it is crystal clear that we don’t need a dullard as our Governor in Edo State who cannot be able to represent our dear state in the International Community like United Nations, International Monetary Fund Conference by the world Bank, and other Cerebral Programmes because such person like AKPAKOD7 would only end in disgracing not himself but the entire. Therefore, we cannot afford to make such mistake as a Civilised, Democratically Inclined and well Educated Citizenry in Edo State.

It is on this note that I call on ALL WELL MEANING EDOLITES to go get their PVCs and Massively come out en masse to SUPPORT AND VOTE DR. ASUE IGHODALO whose Character, Capacity, Sagacity, Credibility, integrity, Intellectually mobility, Sincerity of Purpose and Competence clearly reflects the Dreams, Innate Desires, Wants and aspirations of the Good People of Edo State who would in turn have the benefit of the Transformative Leadership of Edo State moving from a 3rd World State to a First Class State not just within the Comity of States in Nigeria but in Sub-Saharan Africa and Globally due to the Cerebral Dynamics and Distinguished Personality of DR. ASUE IGHODALO.

Comrade Bobby Eghosa Obayuwana is a Development Communication Expert and a Public Affairs Analyst Penning Down from Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria .

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