Edo 2024: What Asue Brings to the Edo table Differently

Dr. Asue Ighodalo (PDP)

Edo 2024: What Asue Brings to the Edo table Differently

By Gabriel Osagie Franklin

Much have been said about the three major contestants in the Edo State gubernatorial election candidates, however, sticking to the ideals of Dr Asue who has said times without number that he would prefer that campaigns are issue-based rather than the usual drag-him-down syndrome old politicians are known for, I would like to write only about his virtues rather than the obvious lows of the other two candidates.

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Although Dr Asue Ighodalo, the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) Candidate is coming from the private sector PLUS, since 2016, he has been involved directly in the Policy Analysis aspect of Edo State, using the Economic Advisory Team(EAT) and Alaghodara Summit as platforms.

Asue brings top-down policy to actual governance. His disciplined implementation rigour in the private sector will reinforce public service delivery when elected as the governor of Edo State come September.

His personality is humane; ask those who are close to him one way or the other. He is humble and hungry to uplift the common Edo State citizens and those who are left behind from mainstream economic activities.

Personally, I count him high on diplomatic dexterity and skills to pursue positive consensus building, whilst staying independent minded, fair and just. You can notice this traits easily since he started his campaigns, meeting those at the left and right as well as the undetermined.

Taking example from the military, there is what is called Regular Combatants. In the civilian, in democratic terms, I have translated this to mean Regular Citizen, and that is who Asue is. You can easily sense his proper upbringing, education and career pursuit, rising unblemished to the pinnacle in all ramification. He is the kind of role model in our Nigeria that is short of them.

His key success factors in the private business, not government cronyism we are used to in Nigeria, include hard work, diligence and exemplary interpersonal relationships anchored on humility, and never under-rating his opponents.

Come close to Asue, you cannot fail to notice the warmth he possesses, holding a ready made smile, beneath a resolute granite to Get-There-and-Get-It-Done endeavours.

Long before now, he is quick to cut through, bypass the elitist red tapes, to get across and connect with the ordinary people. This has been noticed since he indulged in this campaigns starting from his consultations.

I strongly think that the appeal of the office of the governor of Edo State that he seeks now is to squarely serve the masses and reciprocate God’s faithfulness upon his life thus far.

Democrats anywhere in the world run democracy, it cannot run itself. With Asue, democracy will be run in Edo State rigorously with altruistic decency. With discipline and with respected politicians. With courage and competence to deliver on public priorities while relegating narrow and personal interests.


With Asue, politicians will be ready to make their whims subordinate for the majority of the citizens of Edo State to enjoy the dividends of democracy. This I think is what Asue brings to the table differently.

Gabriel Osagie Franklin is a Development Economist, he wrote thia from Benin City, Edo State.

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