Edo Guber Poll: APC not an option, can’t be trusted with leadership  — Edo citizens reveals

All Progressive Congress, APC.

Edo Guber Poll: APC not an option, can’t be trusted with leadership  — Edo citizens reveals

By Amb. Tony Okonigene

One aspect the APC is trying so hard to remove from the attention of the electorates in Edoo state as they prepare to elect their next governor, is the issue of the party APC.

How can a progressive state like Edo with enlightened voters contemplate handing over the future of the state to be determined by a party that has come to set the country 50 years backwards within 5 years of coming into power at the national level?

You want the people of Edo State to handover governance of the State to a party that has introduced and protected killer herdsmen across the country?

Sen. Monday Okpebholo (APC)
Sen. Monday Okpebholo (APC)

A party that met Nigerians buying a bag of rice at #7,500 and took it to over #70,000? A party that met petrol and diesel prices at #145/liter and #280/liter respectively and took them to #700/liter and #1300/liter? A party that met our exchange rate at #150 to $1 and took it to #1800 to $1?

How do you want to convince edolites to vote for a party that watched all the Federal roads in the state became death traps for over 9 years it has been in power?

A party that has taken the prices of basic foodstuffs beyond the reach of the masses? A party whose stock in trade is to use propaganda and lies to hoodwink voters with promises it is never ready to keep?

A party that has perpetually introduced policies and tariffs that continually inflict hardship on the people.

How do you explain the recent hike in electricity tariffs in the midst of the current unbearable situations in the country?; and someone will actually think of voting for such a party in Edo State?

Nigerians were deceived by the APC who used lies and propaganda to package Buhari and Tinubu and shielding them away from public scrutiny until they found out too late that the products they bought were empty.

The South-South states have always seen through the lies of the APC and so have always rejected their packaged candidates at the Federal level. Edo state will definitely reject the APC in the coming governorship elections.

I have said and I will repeat it, that, the APC as a party is the problem and not the individuals. Buhari is a good man and so is Tinubu but the vehicle they chose to ride in is bad and cancerous.

Even the bible acknowledges that “if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do”? No matter the good intentions of any candidate, if he comes under the APC, nothing good will come out from the candidate.

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Edolites have a choice to make on September 21, 2024. We will decide to either take our state backwards like was done at the Federal level or consolidate and move amongst the technologically advanced states as started by the PDP.

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