Edo PDP alerts Nigerians on Labour Party’s attempt to scuttle Gubernatorial election

Barr. Olumide Akpata of LP

Edo PDP alerts Nigerians on Labour Party’s attempt to scuttle Gubernatorial election

By Amb. Tony Okonigene, Benin.

The Labour Party, LP, and it’s gubernatorial candidate in the slated Edo State governorship election have been cought red handed in oceans of evil tendencies against the peace loving citizens of the State.

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Reports across the state obviously shows that the already defeated labour party no longer interested in the upcoming election, but wish to be known as a party which only knows how to unleashing thuggery against innocent people and students amongst others.

With the way most of its bigwigs leaving the party in drones to join PDP even the blind can easily predict the end of the sinking labour party.

These are interesting times in Edo State as the governorship election date draws near.

This is the period you see all sorts of fantastic tales and dramas that would ordinarily have drawn the attention of movies producers.

The recent article with the above caption, circulated online by some comedians falls into the category of an “A-class” comedy/action movie. Reading through the article, one is forced to start imagining the actors and actresses that will fit into the characters. Papa Ajasco will definitely fit the character of Olumide Akpata while Jim Iyke will be best for the leader of the thugs.

First of all, the PDP as a party, abhors any form of violence. It is not in our character. The author/s went into speculative accusations anchored on the figments of his or her imaginations. The failure to mention the name of any of the quoted eye witnesses or the ‘thugs’ that invaded the venue, is a clear indication of mischief. Making reference to the earlier engagement of the PDP candidate in the same venue, betrayed the sense of envy and frustration on the part of the author/s concerning their inability to keep up with the pace of the PDP candidate whose module they are trying to copy.

Let it be known that the PDP expects robust engagements during the campaigns and our candidate is ready to face his opponents on ground and in the media. We have no time nor need to engage thugs for any reason against any of our opponents as we are prepared and sure to win the coming governorship elections because we have a good story to tell.

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The PDP advises the Labour party to look inwards regarding the endless endless crisis and allegations of corruption that have plagued the party instead of pointing accusing fingers at a party that does not even recognize that Olumide Akpata is on the ballot.

Amb. Tony Okonigene writes from a village in Esan Central

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