Eid-Al-Adha celebration; Imbibe the spirit of genuine sacrifice for peace and development – Dr Omede Idris

Dr Omede Idris, former Kogi state Commissioner of Health

Eid-Al-Adha celebration; Imbibe the spirit of genuine sacrifice for peace and development – Dr Omede Idris

As the muslim communities worldwide celebrate Eid Al Adha (Kabir) on the 10th day of the month of Dhul hijjah of the year 1445AH, today 16th June, 2024. Dr Omede Idris, fnma, a former Kogi state Commissioner of Health has called on the muslims and non Muslims in Kogi state in particular and the entire nation in general, to in the spirit of the festival of sacrifice ( Eid Al Adha or Kabir) as ordained by Allah. Prophet Ibrahim was ordered to sacrifice his only son, Prophet Ismael.

In the process, Almighty Allah through Angel Jibril sent an alternative (;ram) at the nick of time. What this demonstrates, is that, no sacrifice is too much to make . Literary in good stead, sacrifices should be made for common good of a people. The people being servants of Allah.


Unfortunately, sacrifices are lacking in our present time, in most places. This is in the quest for worldly attainment, achievements and praises. We must not lose focus, the significance and moral associated to this singular and magnificent act amongst others attributes that have to do with human creation from conception to when man finally returns to the Creator.

These are quite clear in the two main religious practice in most nation. The event further rekindle the call for religious tolerance, harmony, understanding and cooperation where every person is allowed to practice his or her faith without encumbrance, provided crisis are not deliberately generated. May we not only be religious, but seen to practice the tenets of faith for our own good,our families, our communities, nation and the world at large.

Dr Omede Idris, who was also a Past National President of Nigerian Medical Association (NMA ) and also that of Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria (APBN) , a politician, who actively combines Politics with his private medical practice, stated that Eid Al Adha gives the Muslim ummah and faithful, the additional opportunity to thank Allah for the provision of health and means of livelihood, while imbibing the spirit and act of sacrifice.

He called on the Leaders and the Led to genuinely, sincerely and honestly play the roles and responsibilities expected of and outlined to them either, whether in the government, businesses service or at home for a better home, communities, states and the nation.

He says there is no magic wand to this as we have clearly happen in some nation and so it is possible and doable in Nigeria. Happy Eid Al Adha celebration and Allah bless.

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