Governor Oborevwori’s MORE Agenda Has Brought Unassailable Development To Delta State — RT Hon Edafiadjebre, PDP Warri South Vice Chairmanship Candidate

RT Hon Kingsley Edafiadjebre, the PDP Vice Chairmanship Candidate of Warri South Local Government Area

Governor Oborevwori’s MORE Agenda Has Brought Unassailable Development To Delta State
— RT Hon Edafiadjebre, PDP
Warri South Vice Chairmanship Candidate

By Wilson Macaulay

To Mark Governor Sheriff Oborevwori”s one year in office on May 29th , RT Hon Kingsley Edafiadjebre, the PDP Vice Chairmanship Candidate of Warri South Local Government Area, spoke to selected Media personalities in a Special interview which we titled;

Governor Oborevwori MORE Agenda Has Brought Unassailable Development to Delta State:

RT Hon Kingsley Edafiadjebre Warri South PDP Vice Chairmanship Candidate is indeed a household name in the vibrant political landscape of Warri South LGA . His name resonates with a track record of excellence, a legacy of genuine service and selfless leadership.
From a humble beginning, RT Hon Kingsley Edafiadjebre started his political journey as a Councillor,from Igbudu Ward.

With a fertile career spanning various levels of governance, Edafiadjebre has left an indelible mark on the the people of Warri South, earning him recognition as a seasoned politician and unquestionable development advocate. Rising through the ranks, he first served as a Councillor, demonstrating a commitment to grassroots representation and the upliftment of his constituents.

Ascending further within the political sphere, Edafiadjebre assumed the role of Deputy majority Leader within the Warri South LGA Legislative arm, showcasing his proficiency in legislative matters and his ability to navigate complex political dynamics.

His tenure in this position laid the groundwork for his subsequent ascent to leadership, where he proved himself as a capable and visionary leader especially in the discharge of his legislative assignment.

Gov Oborevwori committed to good governance, fiscal discipline – EAC Latimore

With a keen understanding of the challenges facing the People of Warri South, RT Hon Edafiadjebre has emerged as the Vice Chairmanship Candidate of the PDP, Warri South LGA. His Vice Chairmanship candidacy represents a promise of continuity and progress, backed by a track record of tangible achievements and a deep-rooted affiliation to the needs of the people.


Throughout his career, he has championed initiatives aimed at improving infrastructure, promoting socioeconomic development, and fostering inclusive governance.

Beyond his political endeavors, Edafiadjebre is revered for his dedication to community empowerment and social justice. He has consistently advocated for the rights of the marginalized and vulnerable, leveraging his platform to amplify their voices and address systemic inequalities.

His commitment to service extends beyond mere rhetoric, as evidenced by his hands-on approach to problem-solving and his unwavering dedication to the betterment of Warri South LGA.

As the electoral landscape evolves, Edafiadjebre stands poised to play a formidable complimentary role With his Chairmanship Candidate, Hon Weyinmi Agbayetiniro the PDP Chairmanship Candidate to take Warri South LGA into a new era of progress and prosperity. Armed with experience, integrity, and a deep-seated passion for public service, RT Hon Kingsley Edafiadjebre as the in coming Vice Chairman Warri South LGA, represents a beacon of hope for residents longing for accountable and transformative leadership. With the support of his constituents, he seeks to build upon his legacy of excellence.

While Pledging his total loyalty to his Party, the PDP he promised to join hands with the Chairmanship Candidate Hon Weyinmi Agbayetiniro to steer Warri South LGA towards a brighter future for all.

Below are the excerpts of the superlative interview;


How will you assess Governor Sheriff Oborevwori implementation of the MORE AGENDA in his first one year in office?

The MORE AGENDA due to its effective implementation has become a reference point and a benchmark for accelerated development in the South South geopolitical zone. lt is a truism that Governor Sheriff Oborevwori Performances surpassed the expectation of the People. When His Excellency, announced the coming of Julius Berger and eventually flagged off
the three flyover Projects, Deltans confessed that the State has never had it so good.

As a Journalist you Will agree with me that the MORE AGENDA
has brought unassailable developmental Projects to all Deltans as the State is today a huge Constitution site. Only deliberate and concerted effort
can record this kind of quantum progress.

Now let us narrow it down to Warri South. What specific achievements of the MORE AGENDA can you point out?

Answer: Our indefatigable Governor is working across board. What l mean is that the positive impact of the MORE AGENDA is felt in every local Government. Having said that,, now let come back home to answer your question, the impact of MORE AGENDA in Warri South.

A good example is the reconstruction and expansion of Lower and Upper Erejuwa Road With two bridges , the Warri and environs storm drainage expansion project, the Ogunu road construction Project with double drainage, the Warri Stadium which has been earmarked for upgrade,
the installation of Transformers in Marine Quarters and other strategic locations in Warri, the installation of solar lights in several streets to light up Warri metropolis. Our Governor is a promise keeper. ln his inaugural speech he promised to take Warri as a priority.

We have good reasons to celebrate Governor Sheriff Oborevwori one year in office. We sincerely thank the Governor, the ‘Construction Maniac,’ for giving Warri and its environs the utmost attention it deserves. We the People of Warri also appreciate in great measure the wise policy thrust in bringing Julius Berger and other Companies to site. We are proud of the unassailable developmental Projects of Governor Sheriff Oborevwori which is proportionally spread across the three senatorial districts.

ln your opinion, which specific area of the MORE AGENDA has Governor Sheriff Oborevwori done very well?

Like l said before, he has done very well in several areas.
For example, the students bursary,which is pivotal when talking about Social welfare has been seamlessly implemented. Another good thing is the Prompt Payment of Workers salaries as at when due. His bold step to clear the back log of Pensioners arrears which was a thorny issue before he took over the saddle of Leadership as the Governor of Delta State.

Let me also assert that His Excellency, is a prudent manager of resources , for that l give him kudos. Still in the area where he has done very well , you are aware of the coming of the Delta Mass Transit Scheme. That would a another big dividend of Democracy under Governor Sheriff Oborevwori.

Now talking about stakeholders engagement with Community Leaders in Governance, how effectively has Governor Sheriff Oborevwori engaged them in the realization of the MORE AGENDA?

One of the best Way to Mobilize stakeholders is to make them part of the Government. ln this regard,His Excellency ,have made a lot of appointments from the available pool of stakeholders across board. Within the first one year in office, he has blazed the train as the first
Governor to appoint over one thousand stakeholders in one political office or the other.

ln my candid opinion, the Governor has effectively Mobilized the stakeholders in line With the spirit and letter of The MORE AGENDA .The Governor have a solid grip of the People because he is a grassroot politician , he knows the Fundamental rules of stakeholders engagement.

Looking ahead, what key parameters or indicators would you advocate for Warri South LGA in order to further advance its development?

Warri is a city with the comparative advantage of having a Sea Port.
The Port which is strategically placed with other establishment like Shell , the Mcdermott Yard amongst others if properly harnessed Will lead to a Positive multiplier effect which will go a very long way in boosting the economy
of Warri and by extension the whole of Delta State .

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