Imaan’s Visionary and Impactful Stewardship At Police Affairs.

The Minister of State, Police Affairs, Hajiya Imaan Suleiman-Ibrahim

Imaan’s Visionary and Impactful Stewardship At Police Affairs.


Since her assumption of duty along with her senior colleague, the Minister of State , Police Affairs, Hajiya Imaan Suleiman-Ibrahim fss has pursued vigorously a vision of a world class Police Force fit for the 21st century, both in the area of national security, international collaboration and best practices.

She had piloted a force that is all inclusive, community based, intelligence led, technological driven and excellent in the maintenance of public safety, upholding the rule of law, fostering community trust, transparent and accountable practice and above all maintaining peace, security of all and sundry.

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Though , with eight attempts at reforming the NPF, that had created so much rivalry and administrative lacuna that led to the establishment of other sister agencies, desiring thoroughly scanned policing policy thrust and environment remained the best practices.

Determined for achieve results instantly, Imaan Suleiman-Ibrahim embarked on wholistic review of performance of the eight attempt made at reforming the NPF, as well as streamlined its activities towards achieving results.

The Minister of State, Police Affairs, Hajiya Imaan Suleiman-Ibrahim
The Minister of State, Police Affairs, Hajiya Imaan Suleiman-Ibrahim

The political will led to the development of a road map for the transformation of the Nigeria Police Force NPF, with the categorisation into six areas.

Along with her visionary leadership traits , it was discovered that Infrastructure, technical operations and efficiency, policy regulations and development, community policing, strategic communication and enhanced welfare of officers and men of the NPF cannot be overlooked.

In line with it’s roadmap template, Imaan Suleiman-Ibrahim created an enabling environment for engagement with agencies under the ministry through constant convening of series of meetings along with ithe mandate of transformation, work plans, achievements, key issues along with challenges and opportunities for the NPF.

She also carried out reviews of multiple position papers, reports and eight reform papers on policing in Nigeria was also conducted for more inputs.

The engagement with multiple stakeholders was prioritised, including the development partners, embassies, private security organizations, CSO’s among many other relevant security outfits to drive the new vision.

Her feat in international engagements one year down the line of the present administration has been outstanding, with a collaboration with the world Police forum in San Diego, which led to the understudy of the American police system and approach, as well as Abu Dhabi Police Academy , the finest academy in the world, and another engagement with the Ministry of Interior at the United Arab Emirate UAE.

The International collaboration also took the minister to South Korea and brokered agreement on areas of technical and logistics supports of the two countries that bordered on both national international security.

The roadmap also took cognizance of local demands with visits to Police training institutions and installations both in Kaduna and Lagos, as well as Police Academy in Wudil Kano state to review the need for infrastructure rejuvenation.

A town hall meeting was also brokered to feel the purse of communities across the country, and re-strategise on the best way to national Policing policy.

With the vision of the new Minister, Imaan Suleiman-Ibrahim and roadmap some key achievements was remarkably made just few months down the line.

This led to thorough scanned Policing environment and policy that is now conforming with the international best practices and alive to the security concerns of the nation.

The Minister has also embarked on wholistic review of performance of the eight attempts at the reforming the NPF with a view to chart a new course, through development of a roadmap to transform the reports.

The new leadership has also made specific achievements which included the establishment of National Crime Data Fusion Center (NCDFC) that is at advance stage and due for completion.

The launching of veteran foundation to cater for the retired police officers through recognition, while progress on strategic shift towards community policing to improve community participation, overall safety and security of our communities.

A robust policy on community Policing is currently being worked and nearing completion.

The Police Affairs Minister also secured commitment on technical assistance, funding and partnership locally and internationally to rejig the NPF, with experts working on National Policing policy to set our strategic direction on Policing, in terms of reviewing the National Security Strategy.

The Ministry is also working on National policy on community Policing to regulate and streamline all stakeholders including operational guidelines for effective community Policing.

In addition to the new policy framework, the Minister as part of her key achievements launched “the young and secured project” in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Youth Development, so as to orient the youths on the need to inculcate national security as part of their activities .

One year on, Imaan Suleiman-Ibrahim achievements adored all round and has improved tremendously the security situations in the country.


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