Kogi Poly Holds Orientation to Curb Internet Fraud and Promote Academic Excellence

Kogi Poly Holds Orientation to Curb Internet Fraud and Promote Academic Excellence

Kogi Poly Holds Orientation to Curb Internet Fraud and Promote Academic Excellence

By Onoja Integrity

In a bid to address the growing concern of internet fraud affecting students’ academic performances, the School of General and Communication Studies, Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja, conducted an orientation program for its new intake. The event, organized by the SGCS for the Department of Mass Communication, featured insightful discussions and advice from various speakers.

The school’s Director of Information Technology and Resource Centre (ITRC), Ezekiel Adeiza Rock, took the stage to enlighten students on the adverse effects of internet fraud on academic pursuits. Rock emphasized the prevalence of cyber fraud in the contemporary world and its impact on students, urging them to be vigilant.

“Good day, students. Today’s lecture will focus on the effect of internet fraud on students’ poor academic performance in Nigerian institutions. Internet fraud, also known as cyber fraud, has become a pervasive issue in the contemporary world, and its impact on students’ academic pursuits is a matter of great concern.”

Rock highlighted the distraction and time consumption caused by internet fraud, including activities such as online scams and get-rich-quick schemes. He emphasized the need for comprehensive awareness programs and collaboration with law enforcement agencies to combat internet fraud.

“Engaging in internet fraud can have long-term consequences for students, both ethically and legally. Participation in fraudulent activities undermines the principles of academic integrity and ethical conduct, jeopardizing students’ academic standing and future prospects,” he said.

Strategies to mitigate the impact of internet fraud were outlined, including educational programs, support services, and collaboration with law enforcement. Rock concluded by urging students to prioritize academic goals and make responsible choices online.

Earlier, Mrs Ardlene Omolola Balagbogbo, the Dean of the School of General and Communication Studies, delivered a welcoming address during the orientation program. She welcomed the students and emphasized the importance of character refinement through education, while attributing the success of the institution and the birth of the Mass Communication department to the Rector, Associate Professor Usman Ogbo.

“I want to advise you to be good students, be loyal to your lecturers, your HOD and the entire members of the school of communication and general studies.”

“Read your books, have an open heart to receive all that you need to learn in this institution.

“I always tell my students, you are in the school to learn. Allow the school to pass through you, not just passing through the school. So that when you graduate from here, you will become a mass communicator with a difference.

“When you look at the word education in your dictionary, it means refinement of character. Education does not focus on just reading to pass. In the process of learning to pass, let your character be refined so that at the end of the day, you will be a good ambassador of Kogi State Polytechnic.

“Because even when you graduate from here, there is a life exam that you will face. There is school exam and there is life exam. You can have A in school exam and have D in life exam. But life exam is more important because when you leave here you will face life after school.

“So, please, let’s do all we can to be obedient students. Don’t say because you are in a tertiary institution you can do whatever you like, no,” she said.

The Head of the Mass Communication Department, Mr. Tairu Nuhu Momoh discussed communication channels for academic affairs and stressed effective communication within the institution.

Mr Momoh addressed the students, providing insights into the communication channels available for conveying their academic matters to the school’s administration. He outlined a hierarchy starting from their hostels, extending through departments, schools, and the general administration, ultimately involving the Registrar or the Rector. Tairu further clarified both the hostel and departmental hierarchies down to the level of General Administration.

The School’s Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Ibinaye Janeth, provided tips for academic excellence, including engaging in tutorials and observing campus rules.

On her part, the Head of the Department of Language and Communication, Mrs. Mamenoka Awodi, enlightened students on exam conduct, results computation, and the implications of examination misconduct.

During her session, Mrs Awodi provided comprehensive guidance to the students, elucidating the process of calculating both their Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) and Grade Point Average (GPA). Emphasizing that academic excellence is a journey that commences from their initial days in school, she stressed the importance of a strong academic foundation.

In addition to academic calculations, she covered various aspects of students’ conduct. Punctuality, participation in tutorials, refraining from using phones during exams, appropriate dressing, adherence to instructions, and avoiding exam misconduct were among the crucial topics addressed. Notably, she underscored the severe consequences awaiting any student found with unauthorized aids during an exam, highlighting the possibility of facing legal repercussions, including imprisonment.

She disclosed further consequences for academic misconduct which she said ranged from carrying over a subject, spilling over to subsequent academic sessions, temporary expulsion, to outright expulsion, depending on the severity of the offense.

In a stern tone, she warned against attempting to manipulate lecturers, urging students to understand that the polytechnic lecturers are not susceptible to bribery or solicitation.

Other guests included Mr. Joel Ebenezer, Head of the Department of School of General Studies, Mr. Olorunfemi, a senior lecturer, and the Students Union President, Comrade Onuh Christian, who urged students to act on the information provided during the orientation.

The highlight of the event which aimed to equip students with the knowledge and awareness needed to navigate their academic journey successfully while fostering a culture of integrity and ethical behavior within the institution, was recognition of the most appropriately dressed students by the Dean and a closing remark by the Mass Communication HOD who appreciated the guest speakers, the lecturers and the students.

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