Northern Group Alerts Nigeria’s President on the activities of NNPCL Top Notch, Oritsemeyiwa Eyesan.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Northern Group Alerts Nigeria’s President on the activities of NNPCL Top Notch, Oritsemeyiwa Eyesan.

The Arewa Intelligentsia Caucus (AIS), a Northern Socio-political group has asked President Tinubu to prevail and checkmate the excesses of NNPCL Executive Vice President, Upstream operations, Mrs oritsemeyiwa Eyesan against the lay down procedures.

The group in a strongly worded petition issued on Tuesday and jointly signed by the President, Abubakar Chiroma and Publicity Secretary Nasir Adamu frowned on the linkage of the President’s wife, Senator Oluremi Tinubu to the excessive show of power by the NNPCL top management staff, Mrs oritsemeyiwa Eyesan.

They therefore called for the urgent intervention of the President to avoid public misgivings and to prevent crises in the corporation.

The leadership of the group maintained that because of the dogged stance of the Nigeria’s first lady, Senator Oluremi Tinubu on the issue of gender balance , the likes of Mrs oritsemeyiwa Eyesan had juxtaposed the situation into engaging in so many untoward activities in the oil regulatory body.

“Her recalcitrant attitudes does not stop at nothing to the high profile customers and business partners of NNPCL all in the name of the President’s wife, but had displayed such attitudes even towards the Group Managing Director GMD and Chief Executive officer CEO , Mele Kolo Kyari boasting as the next Chief Executive of the organization, even while her boss still hold sway.”

According to the body, her excesses and unbecoming attitude is capable of eroding corporate governance, introduce recalcitrant attitudes in a wholly corporate organization that had adhered strictly to corporate governance over five decades.

‘Eyesan’s boastful and the provoked attitudes towards the GCEO had threatened to use her connection to truncate the tenure of Mele Kolo Kyari, even though, the position was not zoned to the South South, but North East under the federal arrangement.’

Using her tribal and the President’s wife extraction connection, Eyesan no longer take instructions from the top echelon and leadership of NNPCL, under the guise of been the next Boss of the organization.

“For an organisation that thrives on bureaucracy and hierarchy, it was becoming an aberration for Mrs Eyesan who claimed to be of the same tribe with the President’s wife , without recourse to federal character.”

For a listening President, detribalized and non sectional leader under which purview Mrs Tinubu was groomed over the years, the boastful and audacious tendencies of Mrs oritsemeyiwa Eyesan should be checked, as it will not stand the taste of time , giving the public knowledge and orientation of the President and his wife.

The body advised President Tinubu to be wary of the activities and attitude of Mrs oritsemeyiwa Eyesan and her antics, that is glaringly manipulative , so as not to succumb to her whims and ways.

They alerted the President of Mrs oritsemeyiwa Eyesan unilateral decisions which negates the official norms by allocating over bloated pipelines security surveillance contracts to Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwase 111 with obvious lapses in Trans Forcados Lines in Delta State, by passing the GCEO, Mele Kolo Kyari and due process.

‘She curried more favour to the itsekiris, her tribe at the expense of the Urhobos who were both entitled to the Jobs. ‘

‘It is high time , Mr President check the excesses of the Executive Vice President, Upstream operations, Mrs oritsemeyiwa Eyesan before it will get out of hand or become a norm in the newly formed and thriving NNPCL.’

Her insistence and impression of becoming the next GCEO of NNPCL, already in the public knowledge is hinged on the current relocation of some Departments of CBN and FAAN to Lagos, stating and assuring people that similar decisions will occur in NNPCL in no time to come.

They requested for her immediate removal from the oil regulatory body , the NNPCL, to somewhere else based on her usurpation and distraction to the present management under Mele Kolo Kyari.

The Arewa Intelligentia Caucus warned on the consequences of allowing Mrs oritsemeyiwa Eyesan remaining in the current position, as it is capable of eroding the Renewed Hope Agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration.

The release further reads.



His Excellency,
President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR,
President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,
Aso Rock Villa,
Abuja, Nigeria.

Dear Mr. President,


‘Mr. President sir, matters have come to a head at the corporate headquarters of the NNPCL in Abuja. We have to bring it to your urgent attention through this open letter as it is hard to have access to you in the Presidential Villa due to official protocols.’

‘And you have to remedy the situation with decisive action to prevent crisis in the Corporation.’

‘Her Excellency, your wife, Senator Oluremi Bola Tinubu’s name is being bandied and dropped for power grabbing at the NNPCL Headquarters Abuja.’

‘Ever since her appointment as Executive Vice President, Upstream Operations, NNPCL, last year, Mrs. Oritsemeyiwa Eyesan, has become excessively audacious and abrasive.’

‘She throws her weight around in the NNPCL using the esteemed name of the first lady to harass and intimidate colleagues in the Corporation, even her boss, the Group Chief Executive Officer, Mallam Mele Kyari, is not exempted from her impudence. ‘

‘Our people say the ram tethered for Sallah celebrations grows fatter around the neck. Mrs. Eyesan’s meddling and unauthorized interference in the daily activities of the NNPCL chokes the established order of the Corporation.’

‘She struts around the NNPCL headquarters with her nose stucked in air, in arrogance and disdain for all.’

‘Thumping her chest as the next Group Chief Operating Officer, while her boss Mallam Kyari still holds the office. This is an aberration, it breaches official public service ethics and regulations. ‘

‘The foundation that upholds the bureaucratic tenets of hierarchy seniority and respect in the chain of command is shaking.’

“Mrs. Eyesan totally threw caution to the wind through unofficial arrogation of the duties of the NNPCL chief operating officer to herself, leveraging the incursion on her consanguineous ties with the first lady.’

‘This stands norms of corporate governance on their head. It can no longer be accepted nor tolerated.’

‘We route this petition knowing only Mr. President can stem the brewing storm.’

‘Mrs. Eyesan galivants about Abuja telling people of her connections and exploits. And how the First Lady, Senator Oluremi Bola Tinubu, would use her position as spouse of the President to make her the next GCEO. ‘

‘For public knowledge here, Mrs. Oritsemeyiwa Eyesan is of the same Itsekiri ethnic nationality with the first lady.’

‘They both hail from Delta State. Her inordinate ambition should be checked and nipped in the bud.’

‘There is nothing under the sun that never comes to light. Mrs. Eyesan is in full throttle and on course with her objective.’

‘Aside the President’s wife, she is lobbying top Yoruba leaders with connection to Mr. President to prevail on you to approve the removal of Mele Kyari and her installation as GCEO.’

‘As it is, she no longer takes directives from GCEO. She sees herself as over and above him.’

‘With the present configuration of offices and positions based on federal character for national balance, the current GCEO position remains zoned to the North East, any undue intervention could spark troubles and consequences. Mr. President must navigate round the treacherous tide to avoid heating the polity. The North will resist any unceremonious displacement of the serving GCEO, Mallam Kyari. He must be allowed to serve out his full term.’

‘Oritsemeyiwa Eyesan’s lobby is prompted on the heels of recent decision to relocate some departments of FAAN & CBN to Lagos. It is her thinking that anything is possible in this administration. Such unregulated assumption portends danger.’

‘Mr. President, fo not succumb to her whims.’

‘We advise Mr. President to be wary of her antics. Her attitude is of concern to all who are privy to her manipulative ways.’

‘In Delta State, she is at dagger drawn with various interest groups, which accuse her of ethnic bias, favouritism and maladministration in the award of pipelines surveillance contracts. ‘

‘They alleged her of giving the Itsekiri monarch, the Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwase III, over-bloated pipelines surveillance and protection contracts through his company, Pipelines Infrastructures Nigeria Limited, PINL, when he is least deserving.’

‘The company failed to live up to its duties in the Trans – Forcados Lines, in Delta State, where it had a contract. Crude oil theft and pipelines vandalism were rampant, in the area until PINL was removed and the job awarded to another firm. The same thing happened in Imo and Rivers State where, the royal father also has contracts. ‘

‘The bickering with her people is rooted on recent awards, in which she favoured the Itsekiri monarch with a very large contracts on oil assets protection. ‘

‘Recall that he failed miserably in previous same assignments. ‘

‘While the dust from that quarrel is yet to settle, Mrs. Eyesan is again engrossed in another fire fight at the NNPCL. Her present scheme to foist herself on the National Oil Conglomerate as the defacto GCEO is waxing stronger. ‘

‘She bypasses Mallam Kyari and deals direct with the Presidency, in preparation for a takeover.’

‘This, to right thinking people, is unacceptable. ‘

‘Mele Kyari must be left to serve his full term as GCEO of NNPCL without anyone rocking the boat. Two captains do not stay in one ship. ‘

‘The Executive Vice President, Upstream Operations’ self consumed acts of usurpation should be halted immediately. She has become a source of distraction in the smooth running of the NNPCL.’

‘Mr. President should take her somewhere, where her surplus energy would be of help.’

‘Sir, May Allah give you wisdom to steer the affairs of our great nation to the satisfaction and happiness of all citizens.’

Your’s sincerely,



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