One year after; let Mr president reshuffle his cabinet

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

One year after; let Mr president reshuffle his cabinet

Abba Dukawa

It’s an indisputable fact that Nigeria has, for a long time, depended on oil and gas to keep the government running.

However, the abrupt removal of the oil subsidy by the Tinubu administration has affected the economy and standard of living. The level of anger, uncertainty and hunger in the country has been unprecedented.

Therefore, the administration’s economic policies since last May 29, caused serious setbacks to the citizens’ well-being.

Almost a year after forming the cabinet, the president tasked them to get to work immediately as Nigerians won’t tolerate any excuse for failure.

Each passing day, Nigerians heard excuse upon excuse and contradiction upon administration policy. The citizens’ future seems bleak with no anticipation of the light at the end of the tunnel.

In spite of the president asking them to get to work as Nigerians won’t tolerate any excuse for failure, the administration’s ambitious Renewed Hope which is the cardinal policy for Tinubu’s government has turned into citizens Renewed frustrations.

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President Tinubu’s confidence in them to restore public faith in government is far from being achievable. The people do not feel or see the minister’s positive actions toward transformation and the progress of the country and the citizens at large .

Against the backdrop of President Tinubu asking them not to disappoint Nigerians, and expect them to serve with Integrity, dignity and Competence to actualize the manifesto of the administration, the ministers have failed.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has instructed the 47 Ministers to present their performance scorecards ahead of his administration’s one-year anniversary.

If the President genuinely seeks unbiased evaluations of the Ministers’ performances, he should ask Nigerians for their opinions. What kind of report the President expects from the Ministers? How can Ministers evaluate their own performance? Their valuation will automatically undermine the objectivity of the assessment.

Would any Minister evaluate his or her own performance below expectation? This directive has not been in conformity with the Best Practice across the globe. How can an accused be a judge in his own case?

The scorecards presented by the ministers are not appreciable as a substantial percent of the ministers have failed to grasp their roles adequately, while a small percent have performed fairly. Only FCT minister, Wike, has performed exceptionally well despite the ongoing economic challenges.

For the records, Wike took office when everything was wrong with the capital city and the area councils. From security to infrastructure and other sectors, it was the same negative narratives.

In the past eight years the capital city had suffered infrastructural decay, particularly from roads to water, health, to transport. Abuja appeared to have experienced deliberate and systemic decaying.

Wike has embarked on aggressive, and determined re-work of infrastructure in the capital city and the area councils. In 12 months, Wike has turned Abuja to a construction site.

Driving through districts and highways within the city, one cannot miss the levels of on-going construction works, resurfacing of over 135 inner-city roads; on-going construction of roads in the area councils; construction of bridges; opening-up and expansion of facilities in Guzape and other districts and more?

At the time he assumed office, criminals and other people of inordinate violence had run rings round the FCT, plucking residents, who were easy targets; so routinely and striking grave fear and worries in the hearts of everyone.

Deploying his experience on similar security challenges in Rivers, Wike faced it headlong.

One may Recall that he relishes to fight and fights to overcome and dominate. He had countless and consistent interfaces with all the security structures to ascertain the problems, and how to tackle it.

Through this strategy, Wike was able to break every bureaucracy, ensure effective and efficient synergies among all security agencies, and elevated monitoring and evaluation processes. What has changed in the FCT?

In just a year Nyesom Wike’s rigorous planning, improved provision of facilities, and sustained operations, the agents of insecurity now realized that they are contending with a different, result-driven security apparatus under a new sheriff in the FCT.

The metropolis, area councils and other suburbs are better protected. Cases of one-chance, kidnapping, and other security challenges are gradually going down.

For now, like or loathe him, Wike has distinguished himself as one of the brilliant contributors to the realization of Tinubu’s “Renewed Hope” agenda. His choice and masterful deliveries has further confirmed Tinubu’s status as one who knows how to identify and pick talents for excellence in public service. Not minding the shameless efforts of political opponents, adversaries and haters, the vast majority of Abuja residents, visitors and many Nigerians are impressed with Wike’s transformation initiatives for the FCT; the seat of power. In just a year, Wike and his team have been able to record strides that previous ministers were unable to do, requiring commendation not criticism; applause not jeers; good wishes not negative thoughts; prayers not curse.

Without sounding apolitical, Wike is the first southerner in about five decades to occupy the office and has proven himself as an action public servant who does everything possible to write his name in Quadruple Gold after his tour of duty as the FCTA Minister.

Like the popular dictum, “reward for hard work is more work” one hopes that Wike will not relent and slow-down in the impressive works he is doing.

Within the year in review the target policies have not been achieved. Therefore, cabinet reshuffle is needed as it will strengthen the government for better performance and that target shall achieve in the end.

Let Mr president ensure in the next three years the cabinet shape policies that will significantly influence the lives of hundreds of millions of Nigerians. Let him choose people who are ready to work for this country. It’s seem Mr President prepared to save this country but some people working with him did not perform well. Let him strictly prioritize professionalism and seriousness to work. Let transparency, team spirit and selflessness are what can lead to the actualisation of the mandate given to them by the president.

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