Parliamentary Staff Bill will Entrench Professionalism: Sign it into Law – Civil Society Tasks Tinubu

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been asked to sign into law the Harmonized Retirement Age of Staff of National Assembly Service Bill, 2024 which has been described by the Nigerian Civil Society as a driver of professionalism in the nation’s parliamentary bureaucracy.

This was contained in a resolution by representatives of civil society organizations who converged for a Round Table in Abuja to discuss the import of the Bill to National Development and Security.

Addressing newsmen after the Roundtable, the spokesperson of the group Dr. Adeyeye Kayode Thompson, while congratulating the both chambers of the National Assembly for passing the bill, maintained that if signed into law the bill will entrench professionalism in the National Assembly’s management.

“the Nigerian Civil Society congratulates the both chambers of the National Assembly for Passing the Harmonized Retirement Age of Staff of National Assembly Service Bill, 2024 which reserves 40 Years (Service Period) and 65 Years (Service Age)”

“For all intents and purposes, this bill is widely accepted and considered by all genuine public-spirited Nigerians as a welcome development, and if signed into law will entrench efficiency, experience, professionalism and optimal service delivery in the nation’s legislative bureaucracy in line with international best practice.”

“We are equally persuaded that it is in the country’s interest transcending any individual or group interest, that adequate time be given to experienced public servant for premium service to be derived from their expertise for overall national development.”

“Considering the current mood of the nation, we appeal to Mr. President to assent to this Bill, considering the fact that amongst other benefits, it will foster national development and security by eliminating the encumbrance of age restriction that hitherto constrained the National Assembly from Leveraging on the Experience and expertise that parliamentary staff acquire while in national service”

Participants at the Roundtable vowed to sustain their advocacy until the bill is signed into law.


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