President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR @72, A Man of Many Parts

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR @72, A Man of Many Parts

……The Fighter and Veteran of Many Struggles.

I had planned to do an exhibition of the Asiwaju that I know, not for too long “sha” like many other persons across Nigeria, mine being as recent as 12th of December, 1998.

The exhibition that I planned, was titled “The Fighter” was to be a chronicle and compendium of the little if not tiny bits of what I know about the man Bola Ahmed Tinubu over the past twenty six years, now the President, Commander in Chief, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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Granted the privilege of many personal moments with him over this period, I wanted to do a bigger version in the days leading to his inauguration as President, and I discussed this with my dear Egbon, Hon. James Faleke, but for some reasons we could not consummate it, so I pushed it to the first birthday in office, the exhibition was planned to be combined show of public and personal intimate materials from persons who had related with Asiwaju at different times in life and also feature his personal items like his first pair of glasses which led to the “Jigi Bola programme ” when he became Governor of Lagos State.

It was while I was putting these together that i read the release from Ajuri Ngealale that the President had directed all activities to mark his first birthday in office had been cancelled on the account of another demonstration of the legendary sensitivity of the President to unsavoury situations and circumstances as it affects any human being.

This makes it the third time that his birthday plans had been postponed as I can remember.

The first I think was the cancellation of the 12th Colloquium, I think because of ENDSARS
[ not sure], then another one of the yearly birthday Colloquium was cancelled because of the unfortunate attack on the train by bandits and then this because of the challenging situation faced by Nigerians that he has promised to tackle headlong.

So unfortunately too, the birthday for this year was also cancelled in tandem with this legendary sensitivity of the man Bola Tinubu. And with that went my plans for the exhibition.

I hope one day,I will be able to actualise the exhibition plans, but until then, I decided to put together a “video story” of a small section through my “SOLO EXHIBITION” of the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR showing bits and pieces of my personal items and materials in the road i walked with enigma to mark the 72nd birthday of the man Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR.

This was compelling somewhat basically because of the proposed Exhibition’s thematic thrust i.e “The Fighter” which i think is my nugget capture of the man “Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu”

For instance, about two months ago, in one of my open posts on my social media handles, I had had to respond to comment and commentaries on the way Naira was losing value against other currencies and the reactions it had generated among Nigerians.

I said reputation is the only way to validate promises, And that the Asiwaju that I know is a “Fighter” of many battles, he is a product and veteran of many struggles because the greater part of political life was about him leading the opposition personally.

I said that his doggedness and tenacity in battle and whatever he believes in is not vacuous but unfathomable.

So I concluded that if Asiwaju’s reputation as a veteran, battle tested personality and the consistency in the pursuit of his conviction is anything to go by, I will be very shocked if he won’t put up a matching fight and battle for the recovery of not only the Naira but to get the economy on track.

Well the recent development of a sudden rebound of the Naira until lately under the malevolent attacks, compromises and complicity of the past handlers and possible present saboteurs has been taken headlong, of course this is an Asiwaju “dye in wool” trait, and today the Naira is stealthily finding her feet back again, in less than three months, this being unprecedented in the economic recovery pattern of any currency in any economy plagued by a horrendous and consistent record of assault as it had been with our Naira.

The Fighter fought back.

This further validates, supports and lends credence to the proposed theme of my “uncommon exhibition”

Honourable Bimbo Daramola, Former Member House of Representatives, 7th Assembly
Honourable Bimbo Daramola, Former Member House of Representatives, 7th Assembly

As I and many Nigerians look forward to many other recoveries and a better life for us ultimately under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, I am reassured that the Fighter is not battle weary and God willing the many battles and struggles ahead to get Nigeria back on track will be won under Asiwaju.


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Until the auspicious day comes to hold this “uncommon” exhibition, I join the family, friends and teeming supporters to wish Mr. President a happy birthday and many happy returns in good health and well being.

Honourable Bimbo Daramola, Former Member House of Representatives, 7th Assembly

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